5 Reasons to Buy the New Nintendo 3DS

With the Nintendo switch just around the time, the prices of Nintendo 3DS has considerably gone down. I suppose it can not do any less than this and probably it’s one reason to own a Nintendo 3DS.

But still, I see people are confused on whether to buy it or not. Dear friends there can never come a better time to own this incredible 3DS emulator.

Now just to ward off your confusion further on this matter I will list you five reasons on why you should be buying the Nintendo 3DS.

  1. World class gaming library with the incredible collection: The Nintendo 3DS has an enormous collection of games that define our generation. These games are like a memento to the coming generations, and if you do not own this one, you are missing a significant part of your days. Games like The Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem Fates, and Rhythm heaven Megamix are some high time classics that will always be gold for game lovers. There are more and tons of these, but you cannot get another chance to play them unless you own the 3DS emulator.
  2. Upgrades are not backward compatible: So if you think that you can play these games on the upgraded version, then you are wrong. The switch is not compatible to play games from the 3DS. Why? Well because the upgrade doesn’t have any disc drive neither is its cartridge similar to the earlier 3DS version. So now this means if you don’t buy the Nintendo 3DS you miss on playing your favorites that the 3DS has to offer.
  3. The 3DS is portable and handheld: Although the switch san elegant fine design and built, yet it is bigger than the 3DS and if you want to carry it along, you must have a backpack or a pouch dedicated for it. Unlike the Nintendo 3DS that you can easily carry in your pocket, the upgrade is not pocket-friendly or easily portable.
  4. Special Glass-free 3D: The 3D effect in the 3DS is incredible and if you think that playing with virtual glasses is more fun than you haven’t tried playing the games on the 3DS. It’s something special, you can replace, and you won’t get to enjoy if you don’t own this one. The sheer excitement of playing Super Mario 3D Land is adventurous and unique to the Nintendo 3DS only. So if you think you can enjoy better with the switch, it’s better you give this a try to taste its unbeatable experience, something that you will cherish lifelong and is not going to get old.
  5. All low time price: Now this is another incentive to own a Nintendo 3DS as the prices can never go down than this. At just $99 you are getting this incredible handheld game that can never happen again. Along with this the shops are now always offering sales of best of the 3DS. It can never get more affordable and attractive than this. You will own a whole Nintendo 3DS and create an experience for life.

Well, I suppose it can’t get any better with this. So what are you waiting for, grab your share of excitement and fun with the new Nintendo 3DS right away!