5 Reasons Hiring A Professional Wedding Photographer Pays Off

“Few things in life are certain except death and being taxed.”
― Felix Dennis, “How to Get Rich: One of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets”

Your wedding day is special – you don’t need to be told that. Whether you’re adept or not at taking pictures with your iPhone or Android (of which take stunning 4k HD quality pictures), or know a friend who is, it’s undoubtedly worth the investment for hiring a professional wedding photographer. Why? Because you can’t be certain your friend or relative “who likes to take pictures” will give you what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at a few other reasons why you should consider a pro.

1. Do You Have The Eye?

You may not have a cinematographer’s “eye”. Think back to some of the most illuminating and jaw-dropping “cinematic picture” moments in Hollywood film history. Children Of Men, Saving Private Ryan, Barry Lyndon, The Shawshank Redemption and Apocalypse Now are just a handful of scenes whose DPs had “timeless photography” in mind when they planned these shots. A professional photographer gives your wedding day photos the timeliness this special day deserves.

2. Style

Many pros worth their weight in salt (and hefty fees) are astute in various photographic styles. Professional photogs spend years cultivating the skills necessary to pull of these many styles. There are certain photographic styles pros utilise that you—or your budding photog friend – may not know how to properly capture that exceptional wedding photographer do.

3. Common Sense

Would you let your friend who has an interest in cooking and baking design your course meals? Would you hire your “interior designer” friend (who has a few years of experience decorating friends’ homes and apartments, but not much else) to design your wedding venue? Would you rather plan your wedding yourself, instead of hiring a veteran wedding planner? Of course not. You’re paying good money for qualified professionals. The same principle applies to hiring professional photographers over your friend or relative who has a dabbling interest.

4. Saves Friendships

Hiring a professional may save your friendship. Bad blood may arise between you and your photographer – if going the “hire a friend/relative” route. How? Let’s say they underestimated the severe grunt work of taking pictures, and a few hours into the wedding they ask for additional pay. Everyone involved in the wedding (backstage) is already hectic.

It’s your day. Allow no one to make you feel guilty about who you work with on your special day.

5. Contractual Obligation

Once the dotted line is signed; the professional is obligated to appear on time to your wedding. If they don’t, they either pay fees or have a chunk of income struck from their paycheque. On the other hand, your photog buddy or budding amateur may skip out on the wedding entirely or show up extremely late. Can you afford that?

You can get a clear, easy-to-understand “photographer contract kit” ripe for use online. It is an extensive process to draw up a contract, so you can hire a lawyer to create it for you (if you wish).


Weddings are chaotic – there’s no doubt about it! Can you afford to strain your relationship with your friend who, though their heart remains good, may not be worth the additional pay? If you give in, you may have less-than-stellar shots for a higher price. If you stand your ground, your friendship may be in turmoil.