5 Inventions That Are Going to Influence Our Lives in the Near Future

Life today is nothing like it was 20 years ago. This is because of technology and new inventions. Researchers, scientists, and inventors are working all the time to come up with new inventions and new ideas to make our lives better and simpler. The invention of the cell phone and the Smartphone is a proof of that. These inventions led to a completely new social experience. After the cell phone came texting and many people rarely ever used the phone to reach out to someone. When the camera was added to the cell phone, it changed messaging completely. After the Smartphone was invented, social media usage began to explode. The Smartphone made it possible to keep social media apps right on your phone to access anytime you like. There are other inventions that are either very new or almost complete that will change our lives forever.

#1 Self-Sustaining Streetlights

A great deal of the taxpayer’s money goes to the cost of electricity that it takes to keep the streets lit with streetlights. There are many communities that are taking advantage of solar street lights. During the day, the lights recharge with the sunlight. At night, there is more than enough power to keep the lights lit until sunrise. There is no electricity needed, therefore, no cost to the taxpayers.

#2 Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are not just something that you see in science fiction movies, they are actually going to be a reality one day. Big technological giants are already working on one. These cars will allow you to get in, type in your destination, and then let the car do all of the work. There are some cars with features of the ‘self-driving cars’, such as the new vehicles that will automatically brake when something is in its path. In a few years, car accidents due to human error will be a thing of the past.

#3 Robot Maids

So far, the closest thing that we have to a robot maid is the small ones that roll around and vacuum your floor. You can also buy a version of these robots that vacuums and mops the floor. You can also buy one that cuts your lawn. Scientists at Cornell University are working on robots that can anticipate your needs. They predict that in the next few years, we will have robot maids who can do specific household tasks. They will likely be expensive, but if you can afford one, your days of doing housework will be over.

#4 Tooth Sensor

Nobody likes going to the dentist. Some people actually fear it, therefore, they avoid going altogether. Scientists at Tufts and Princeton Universities are working on a tooth sensor that will alert you of any bacteria in your mouth that could lead to cavities or other infections. This can greatly reduce the number of times you need to visit the dentist.

#5 3D and 4D Printing

3D and 4D printing is changing the face of the world. Scientists are performing experiments right now where they are trying to 3D print an organ that could be functional. This could eliminate the need for organ donors forever. There are also companies who are trying to 4D print meat, which can be bought and cooked as a healthier meat substitute and there would be no need to harm any animals.


New technology and new inventions have changed our lives more and more over the years. Over the next, 5, 10, or 20 years, the advances that we make are going to be unbelievable.