7 Short-term Businesses to Earn Quick Money

Hardly anyone minds an extra buck, businesses that will allow you to earn money quite quickly are always popular and worth a try. When you are in between positions or find that your current job doesn’t pay all your bills, you might want to consider trying out one of these options, including:

  • Selling copper scrap or other metals
  • Becoming a rideshare driver
  • Selling used items online
  • Making and selling homemade crafts
  • Offering contract work outside your regular job
  • House and/or pet-sitting
  • Event photography

1. Scrap Metal Collection

If you collect and sell copper or other scrap metals, there will be no shortage of people who have metal they wish to get rid of. Offering to pick up broken appliances or other rubbish for free or a small fee can help provide you with a lot of scrap. People who are moving or just unsure of what to do with their rubbish are likely to come to you.

2. Rideshare Driver

Rideshare services are quite popular in larger cities with airports. The good thing about being a rideshare driver is that it’s easy to fit into your schedule, such as picking up fares on your way to or from work. Even if you work full-time, this is a good way to ensure you have a second source of income.

3. Selling Used Stuff

There is always a market for most used items, even those that you wouldn’t think are that sought-after. Selling used items via online marketplace sites or acting as a trading assistant on behalf of others is often quite lucrative. You might find it helpful to connect with people who aren’t online and require assistance with selling to online buyers.

4. Homemade Crafts

Nearly everyone buys crafts every once in a while, especially as gifts. Consider branching out into a few popular gift types, such as jewellery or home decor. You’ll find that the list of new creative ideas that you have just keeps growing.

Examples include:

  • Small furniture items
  • Signs and other customised gifts
  • Knitted or crocheted clothing and other items

5. Contract Work

Many companies have tasks that they cannot find people to take as overtime work or are unwilling to provide the extra hours. Consider filling up the gap for these companies by offering your services. You’ll earn some extra money, and help these companies save on their overall costs.

Tasks you might be able to offer include:

  • Night or weekend secretarial services
  • Inventory assistance
  • Order and shipping fulfillment
  • Local delivery

6. House/Pet-Sitting

Many people prefer to have someone mind their house while they are on holiday or keep their pets in a non-kennel setting. You may even wish to consider combining the two services for discounted rates. Many homeowners vastly prefer having both their house and pets taken care of by the same person.

7. Photography

If you’re comfortable using a camera, you may be able to photograph events at rates that are somewhat discounted compared with professional photographers. If you have photo editing skills, consider adding these effects to the digital versions of the photos. The people whose events you photograph will appreciate these extra touches.

Events where your skills might be useful:

  • Birthday or anniversary parties
  • Corporate or church-related events
  • Photographs for websites or print materials
  • Customised portrait photographs
  • Photo gifts using event photographs

These types of businesses can be quite lucrative when you’re looking for extra income. If you know how to market everything effectively, many of these businesses could provide a full-time income.