Any designer–amateur or professional, has to have struggled with this question at one point or another. You wonder what is the secret sauce to help you drive downloads of your baby, right? The obvious thing with Pc or mobile games is the more downloads or purchase equals more money in your bank account.

In short, it is a high-stakes game to make sure you can survive on revenue derived from your game. Pc games and mobile games have a common feature in that the better the graphics, the higher purchases or downloads. Here are other surefire tips to make your game a hit with consumers:


As with many things in life, simplicity always trumps complexity. This is perhaps truer when it comes to designing a game. The easier your game is, the more downloads or purchases you accrue. That said; do not use inferior graphics to simplify the game. There is a difference between mediocre and simple.


While having a simple game is the sure way of guaranteeing many purchases or downloads of the game it is also important for your game to be stimulating to users. Having a thought-provoking game will guarantee users get to exercise their brain. If you have a game too laid back in terms of design and challenges, consumers will shun it and label it as a sham of a product.


This will probably be your biggest selling point for the game. A quick survey of what consumers want in a game will show this characteristic up there with the rest. In fact, it will stick out like a sore thumb. Games that are copycats to other games do not sell. The reason for this is easy; consumers do not want cheap knock-off products of whatever game they love. Whatever game you decide to come up with should stand on its own two feet. It should feature great graphics and unique missions in order to make it a bestseller among users.


Have you ever wondered how the best seller games achieve their legendary status? Apart from being unique and challenging they are multi-generational. What this means is that they target a large age group. Having a game that can be played by the whole family is extremely beneficial to you. It will not only increase purchases or downloads of the game but also garner a whole lot of credibility. Parents are normally protective of their children and having a game that also appeals to them is a win-win for you.


Research has shown games build great cognitive skills. As such, seniors can play them as a way of staying mentally active. A designer who endeavors to fashion a game that’s not only exciting but also imparts some sort of relevant knowledge is a genius! Great games teach users eye-hand coordination, sequencing, patterning and visual discrimination. If your game enhances the learning of the above techniques, it will be a best seller in no time.