The top antivirus programs for your iPhone

With the launch of new age smartphones, security risks have literally increased tenfold. Hackers and malware developers are doing their best to crack into your phone and mess it up or steal all the data. And with the new technologies being used in modern smartphones, this has become extremely easy. So today we will take a look at some of the top antivirus software you can use on your iPhone for better security. Read on to find out more.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is considered as the perfect security tool for your iPhone if you want to keep nosy family members and friends away from the contents in your phone. All the data on your phone is quite private, hence you must take care that it is safe and protected even from your family. The program comes with a wonderful feature known as Secure Snap, that stores any and every photograph you take into a secure vault or folder of your choosing, thereby creating an automatic backup.

Avast Secure Me

When it comes to choosing an antivirus for iphone, Avast is probably the first name that comes in mind. The Avast Secure Me program is perfect for protecting your iPhone when you are online. When your phone is connected to the Wi Fi network, your phone is vulnerable to malware attacks. Avast acts as a firewall whenever you are online and fights off malware and other malicious programs that to try to harm your device. It notifies the user of a threat and deals with it with efficiency.

Lookout Mobile Security

This is not exactly a popular name in the world of iPhone antivirus programs, but it does the job quite efficiently. The software guards your iPhone against mobile theft, data loss, malware attacks, etc. quite efficiently. Like all other antivirus programs, it makes regular and daily backups of all your important files. If your phone is stolen or misplaced, and the internet connection is still active, Lookout locates your phone in a matter of minutes, which is really impressive.

Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security is one of the top names in the world of mobile security and antivirus for iphone. Avira scans all your emails to ensure their privacy, provides a user-friendly dashboard for you to control all the settings on your iPhone, and you can connect up to 5 lost or stolen devices through the same dashboard to track their whereabouts. Avira also comes with an in-app community support, which is the perfect spot to post your queries and get replies from other experienced Avira users.

Norton Mobile Security

Last but not the least – Norton is the only name that actually matters in the world of antivirus programs, devoid of the platform being used. Norton not only provides desktop and laptop security, its iPhone security service is also impeccable. Norton Mobile Security, like all the other programs, is more than capable to find your phone when it is lost, and it also backs up all your data on a regular basis.

Stay safe.