How Mobile Technology Is Increasing Your Productivity

How Mobile Technology Is Increasing Your Productivity

Mobile devices change the way everyone goes about their own business and new technologies give us the option to create new ways of doing things and managing our lives. If utilized properly, they can make us more efficient, creative, and valuable members of society because they can actually make us a lot more productive.

The option to multi-task with our mobile phones is being continuously pushed by developers as more and more advancements are being made. In terms of productivity for example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone is turning heads in the arena of mobile technology. Boasting a 5.7 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen, Samsung’s attempt at pushing multi-tasking is proving itself to be successful with the extra, crystal clear space allowed to create an advanced, on-call working environment. Things like simultaneously viewing spreadsheets and taking a conference call are possible with this device because of how easy it is to switch from one app to another and resize various windows without feeling cluttered and confined to a small screen. There are also far fewer add-ons which have confused users in the past and hindered multitasking efforts.

All of the technical terminology that you often see when choosing to buy a phone can often sound confusing, though. But basically many phones now are so advanced that they actually have the capacity of a standard laptop computer, which is by all means very impressive. Users can multi-task until the end of time with the hardware and speeds that are available, all while never having to worry about freezing up their phone.

Battery life
Furthermore, the long lasting battery life that is now available on most handsets is also helping to increase our productivity.  Users are now given the ability to stay productive while out and about without worrying about where the next charge is coming from. When users are aware of the fact their mobile device is going to die within a short period of time, they are less likely to use the full features the phone has to offer in fear that their phone is going to run out of battery before they get home to charge it. You can even buy a battery phone case so you can charge your phone on the go if you’re planning on spending a lot of time using it.

The technical capacity of any phone is only as useful as the applications you have to complement it.  With such impressive specs, you’ll never have to worry about running an app, or more than one app at once for that matter, that will slow your phone down. In terms of productivity a great app to have running in the background is a task-management app called

After categorizing everything you have planned for any given day or week, even, you label each thing you put in under things like work, goals, personal, etc. Every morning the app shows you a list of the things you told yourself you need to get done via a push notification. This will allow you to spend less time stressing over whether or not you are forgetting something, have forgotten something, or are going to forget something. In collaboration with the battery life you can also plan ahead a good while, about 3 days that is, which will give you the ability to effectively manage your time during busy days and maximize your productivity levels. With a battery life like that and on your side you could even plan something like a 3 day adventure!

There are numerous other apps out there designed to make your day to day even more fulfilling and productive. Take for example, Evernote, which is a digital notebook you can have with you at all times. Capture your great ideas and collaborate with this app that offers seamless integration across a variety of platforms. It’s a sure way to increase your productivity as you can use it whenever and wherever you wish.

The majority of phones do come ready equipped with built in applications that you can easily utilize, but if you want to further expand on that there is a whole market of apps that will increase your productivity even further.

It’s safe to say that most of us would be lost without the use of our mobile phones, whether we use them in our personal lives, for work or both they continuously help to increase productivity as you can get almost all of the features of a desktop into one portable handset.