7 Signs Your Office Is a Kick Ass Place to Work In

Face it there are good people and then there are a**holes. The proportion varies. If you’re lucky the good outnumber the A-holes by a good measure. Not all of us are lucky in landing a job that lets you roar loud and proud in that jungle. Just a job you say? I hate to break it you but you do spend the major part of your day in this place, maybe even form an intense relationship with a work husband or wife – your better half who totally understands your work pressures. So if you’re in the wrong place it could feel like you’re stuck in one hell of a bad marriage.

So how does your workplace measure up? Time to do the math.

1. Communicate Don’t Defecate!

Workplaces that believe in effective communication usually means that the focus will be solution oriented. Office emails are kept to a minimum because with most of us with an attention span of a goldfish, it can be hard to keep track of what’s really important, without being bombarded with irrelevant crap. There’s no denying that documentation is necessary but not everything needs to be a reply all.

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2. Screw That Sh*T, Just Ideate!

Ever watched Inception? Everything starts with the germ of an idea. It may work it may not work but what the hell, at least, your brain is being used for productive things other than office gossip. A workplace that encourages you to think is a workplace that’s probably putting out a great product.

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3. Good Egg Syndrome

Shiny happy people at work might be a little far fetched but you can tell a happy workplace when you see people chatting and laughing a lot. The more dysfunctional the better. That doesn’t mean a professional environment will entertain a bunch of social misfits but in general, if you’re a good egg and know how to get along with the rest, you’re good to go.

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4. B**ch Please!

Keep that office gossip on the down low because if someone out there is spilling the beans trust me you’re about to be gassed on too. Chinese whispers be like ‘Lucy was walking her dog’ to ‘Lucy is a dog’. ‘No bitchin’ policy’ makes an office less of a kitty party.

Also, a place that respects women is great in my book. Zero tolerance of sexual harassment by way of personal comments, humming under breath, lechy smiles in the lift and general staring at boobs gets a thumbs up anyway. Keep your intentions in your pants boys.

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5. Have No Fear My Dear

The fear of rejection isn’t only in the battlefield called love. Fear of ridicule or not being given a chance to voice opinions results in a stagnant workplace. While some are good at showcasing their work, there are the odd ones who may be brimming with ideas but keep their mouths shut because they’re not sure how their opinions will be received.

An office that lets people speak freely and without fear is truly a rare jewel.

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6. Learn and Burn

The only way to burn an epic trail at work is by being able to constantly upgrade your skill set. A work environment that encourages fluid roles is better at keeping a happier task force. Boredom is the bane of our existence and even at work one needs to be constantly challenged. If you aren’t the type to learn new stuff, you’ll become furniture pretty quickly.

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7. Work Hard Party Harder

Yeah baby, that’s the way it goes. All the better if your bosses pick up the tab every month.


If all the above doesn’t work for you, and going to the office is not your thing stay at home.

Get a virtual office, it is cheaper than a real one and less hassle, reroute the phone calls and let everyone work from home. Thank God for the internet, the cloud and laptops.