Galaxys can be bent…if you’ve got a phone-bending machine

Videos of someone bending a Samsung Galaxy S6 with a special phone-bending machine have gone viral on the web. Samsung’s counter video of an S6 not bending in one of their phone-bending machines went not so viral.

It all started with reports last fall that some iPhone 6 users who sat on their iPhones bent them. To prove (or disprove) the rumors, all sorts of tech sites began bending all sorts of iPhones and other brands to see how they fared. But, being in the business of ‘objective’ journalism they wanted to have quantifiable proof that they were bending the phones in an unbiased way so they created phone-bending devices – devices that could tell them exactly how much phone-bending force was required to, well, bend a phone.

Turns out that if you apply enough phone-bending muscle to just about any phone, it will…um…bend.

The reports of Galaxy S6s bendability did not indicate whether S6s scored higher or lower than iPhone 6s on the phone-bending scale. Nor did they indicate whether or not you would need a phone-bending machine in your pocket to achieve critical benditude or would a sufficiently fat bootie be enough to cause the same bend-a-licious results.

But I want to know where these people are getting these phone-bending machines – eBay? Amazon? True Value Hardware? And who regulates these things? The Bureau of Weights and Measures?

We can only assume that if you have the right kind of bending-machine you should be able to bend just about anything – phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, workstations, printers, or even sandwiches, aluminum cans, small animals, hammers, paper straws, motor homes, rose petals, subway cars, etc.

You know the old saying, ‘give me a sufficiently strong enough and large enough bending machine and I can bend the world!’