Are you going to buy an Apple Watch? (Or not?)

So Apple is going to start selling their long-anticipated Apple Watches at the end of April and with prices starting at $349 and climbing from there, the fact that it requires the user to carry an iPhone, numerous questions about battery life and a host of other issues, Apple still expects to sell zillions of these wearables.

Apple supporters and industry pundits predict that the Apple Watch will be a game changer in the world of wearables in spite of the fact that they are coming late to the party. Apple doubters believe the Apple Watch will only appeal to the Apple faithful but the rest of the world will just shrug and buy one of the dozens of other wearables out there with more features and significantly lower prices.

Apple marketing may indeed spark general public interest in wearables – particularly smart watches – but can they convince non-Apple users to shell out $600 – $700 for an iPhone and up to $1,050 for an Apple Watch based on marketing alone? (I’m not going to even put the $10,000 gold Edition in the same conversation.)

Of course Apple marketing is going to have to try and convince the public that the Apple Watch is more like an extension of their iPhones and not just a watch with a few extra bells and whistles.

I recently asked a die-hard Apple fan friend of mine if he was planning to buy an Apple Watch and was a bit surprised when he just snorted and said, ‘no way!’

So I pose the question to you.

Are you planning to buy an Apple Watch? And whatever your answer, why?