Cortana picks eight of fourteen

So it’s that time of the week again when I recount the NFL predictions made by Microsoft’s AI Cortana. I realize that not a lot of people are as interested in this as I am but that’s not going to stop me writing about it each week. Who knows, maybe someone other than me will start paying attention.

Cortana only picked eight out of fourteen games this past week but at least she did better than 50%. Vegas and Cortana agreed on just about every game so nobody made up or lost any ground.

I, on the other hand, obviously know nothing about football since I only picked four games correctly and the only game I got right that Cortana and Vegas got wrong was the Atlanta Carolina game. Other than that one the rest of my picks sucked!

I actually went back and flipped a coin on each game and got – surprise surprise! – 50% or seven out of fourteen right. So I guess I’m dumber than a quarter. Perhaps I’ll let one of my dogs make my picks for week 12.

So, the final count for the season so far is Cortana 105 versus 56, Vegas 104 versus 54 and me 97 versus 64.