Cortana picks 12 out of 15 and no one cares

I’ve been tracking Microsoft’s AI Cortana’s NFL picks because, well, I want to even though no one but me really cares. Week five has wrapped and Cortana picked 12 out of the 15 game winners. Then again, so did the Vegas book makers.

I, on the other hand, had an abysmal week picking winners and only got nine right.

Now based on the fact that no one actually read my last ‘Cortana picks’ article I would have to guess that nobody who visits this site is a football fan. I don’t care. I love watching pro football.

And I’ve been having fun tracking Cortana’s picks and making my own.

I make lists of all the games, choose my picks then check to see who Cortana favors. Then, as the games unfold on Thursday, Sunday and Monday I check off who wins and total everything up on Tuesday.

Then I write one of these articles, find a picture of some sexy female robot and post the story.

And I don’t care if no one reads them.

Like Slim Pickens, I’m riding this nuke all the way down into the ground.

Oh yea. Cortana season picks overall, 46 – 30; me 46 -30; Vegas 45 – 31.