Ultra-Fast 5G Wireless Is Coming And Will Be Totally Different

Sure it will be faster. But it will also be smarter and be located in weird spots, like telephone polls, he said on Monday at the Fortune Brainstorm conference in Aspen.

While 5G probably won’t be rolled out in networks worldwide for another five to 10 years, Ericsson already gave its first live demo of the 5G that it is developing earlier this month.

The reason it will be smarter is because the Internet of Things is coming in that same time frame. That’s where every object is added to the Internet, your cars, your pill bottles, your keys, everything.

“If you have a doctor following a remote patient, it’s important [that the network] know it’s a patient and not a connected car” he says. A problem with a patient might need to get priority on the network over a song downloaded to a car.