LG is serious about fitness tracking

LG has long been in the shadow of companies like Samsung. But, when it comes to fitness gadgets, the company may be on to something. By targeting fitness enthusiasts it is targeting the people who really want the data and interaction of fitness trackers. Unlike Nike and Jawbone who went broad and lifestyle with their offerings, LG is showing that it is serious about fitness. That’s a good approach.

This is LG’s first go at fitness gadgets and these first-generation products are ready for the mainstream. With some caveats, both the Lifeband Touch and HeartRate Earphones are polished, refined and ready to shine — as long as their target market is understood. To be clear, the Lifeband Touch is not a direct Jawbone Up or Fitbit Flex competitor. The $150 device is clearly targeted to the fitness-enthusiast. Likewise, the HeartRate Earphones are only worth their $180 price if the wearer intends to use the heart rate-monitoring function. The Lifeband’s fitness mission comes to life when paired with the HeartRate earphones. The two come together and bless the wearer with fitness tracking features athletes only dreamed about five years ago. The Lifeband isn’t a glorified pedometer. It’s a simplified fitness tracker. It allows the wearer to easily track their fitness routine. The Lifeband isn’t a fashion accessory like a FitBit or Jawbone and it’s not for the person looking to simply count their steps as a conversation topic. This device is for the person focused on fitness.