Garmin is dedicated to runners

Remember Garmin? You have to wonder if people need separate GPS devices when they have mobile map apps and in-car navigation systems as standard, but the company is also into wearable tech. This is not a fancy product but the one thing that it does do, it does well.

As a long time runner, Garmin GPS watches are as beloved to me as a nice pair of trainers. I ran my first (and last) marathon with a Garmin watch that looked like a giant candy bar that had melted onto my wrist and have used their watches for years. That’s why I was interested in their latest offering, the Forerunner 15, a small, entry-level watch that looks more like a Timex Ironman than a fully-featured GPS device with built-in training tools.The 15 is also unique in that it offers two modes – a Fitbit-like movement tracker that can count your steps and a full-blown run mode that takes GPS readings as you exert yourself and can play back your runs, your heart rate, and your performance when you get back to the house. In a way it’s the best of both worlds. This Garmin is by no means the top of the line training tool. It doesn’t have Garmin’s virtual trainer, a system that encourages you to run faster and through different routines to improve performance, nor does it support ANT+ connections to treadmills and computers. It also only supports running or walking, not biking or other activities. In short, it’s a dedicated running watch that doesn’t cost much and can replace both your old running watch and your fitness tracker.