You Need A Freelance Writer? The Definitive List of Pros and Cons

If you own a business, you are the only one who can decide what is best for your business. As you know that what your company does and how. If you are in a writing business and you require freelance writers than you should keep it in mind that not everyone can write something good. There will be very few writers that will know what readers really want to read that will make your job more difficult.

But here it should be mentioned that if you own a business regarding websites, products and advertisements or if you are starting a new business than it really is a great idea to hire a content writer that will ensure that the message you want to give is delivered spot on. It is even said that the content is as important that it can make the sales in your favor or even against you.

It is said that a good writer can turn the boring and dull piece of writing into something that will be truly loved by the readers. If you take it seriously than a freelance writer can make a lasting impression on your customers. Although some of the content writers can be demanding in terms of money as this prospect of business is blossoming day by day but there are few good writers that will only charge for the hours in which they will do the writing for you.

They are termed as writers per hours. So, if a content writer or writer per hour depending upon the budget that you are allocating for this subject is that important then you should look for at least some of the following qualities in your writer:


If your writer per hour is from technology specialist and he can handle the subject rather good. It does not guarantee that the article he will write for you will be a successful one. The reason for this may be that not all the readers are looking for something to read that will deal with technology. You need someone who can put as much information as possible in as less as possible words.

It is to put some light on the fact that most of your readers will not bother reading full length of the written content. They will just skim through the material. So, all the written material should contain valuable information. But you should also keep it in mind that your writer per hour is not producing too complicated material as the majority of readers will not be experts in what they will be reading and if they cannot understand it than it is does not even matter how excellent the written material was.

Both small and large-scale setups can take equal advantages from freelance writers per hour as long as they are within their copywriter limits.


Professionalism is of paramount importance in this field of content writing. If your writer is not professional than it is likely that the written content has typos, grammatical mistakes and incorrect punctuation. All these will refer towards your company as being unprofessional and negligent. As it seems reasonable as well because someone who did not bother a spell check how can he be considered as serious about his business.

According to recent research, about 80% of customers before buying something look for it on the internet and therefore a written content can be of the influential factor in making a customer mind. So, the bottom line can be that not only there should be written content but a good one as well.


A skilled writer can save you a lot of time. Particularly writers per hour can be important as they work on hourly basis. If you own a business than probably you will not have enough time to eat properly so how can you manage to write messages for your company. That is where writers will come in handy.

To write an error-free piece of material requires some time and a quiet head. Since they are experts in this so they will complete that piece of content in one hour what you would take a day or even a week to complete. Hiring a content writer will give you a lot of time to work on other things at which you are better.


The content writer can be persuasive. Copy that bores someone will not be persuasive. Similarly, a content that is not properly structured will not achieve its goal. The business that is online must take a particular note of this one. It is easy to make a good first impression but to maintain it is equally difficult.

Today, the market is full of successful brands. So, the only thing that makes you competitive in this market will be the successful branding and content writing is an integral part of it. After all, the goal of your writing is to make your readers take some action. To do this, you must be able to put some emotions and joy into it.


A freelancer writer is always considered cheaper and better than an agency writer. As we know that the freelancer is working to make money and name for himself and the agency writer is working for the agency and not directly for you. So, the freelancer writer can go the extra mile in order to get more work with you. The agency writer will always have the work coming in so they want to get it done as soon as possible.

With freelancer writer you have the advantage of having direct contact with the person which gives you the opportunity to give the writer exact requirement that will have a positive influence on the written content. In short, a strong copy writer can make or even break you. Some time you may need to spend a lot more than you need to on them but keep in mind that they always pay better.