5 Tips on How to increase Male Fertility.

For a number of years now, the sperm quality and fertility in men has been on the decrease. Men as early as 30 years are have a rough time in their sexual life. The number one cause of this decline is because of the kind of lifestyle that men lead. What we eat and how we live has a great impact on the general body health. According to a study that was carried I 2017, there has been a 59.3% decrease in the sperm count in Europe, North America and New Zealand. It is unfortunate that this decline has been influenced majorly on an individual’s lifestyle. There are various ways that can be used to reverse the low sperm count and the infertility. Below are some of the ways that you can boost your fertility.

Ensure that you properly exercise and get enough sleep.

There are various studies that have been carried out to show that substantial weigh loss in the obese people have improved sex life as well as the quality of the sperms. By losing weight, you should maintain a healthy body mass index to ensure that the quality of the sperms goes hand in hand with the general body health.

It is recommended that you should perform at least 50 minutes if aerobic exercises at 50-65% of the heart rate. These exercises should be performed at least 3 times per week. By doing so, your sperm count will increase both in quality and quantity.

Use of sperm health supplements.

There are various supplements that are remedy for the low sperm count. They have been tried, tested and trusted to improve the sperm health. You can order sperm health supplements from the comfort of your home on the Canadian pharmacy online. For instance, Fenugreek supplement is a recommended supplement that is designed from fenugreek seeds that improve the quality of the sperms.

Reduce the use of alcohol, drugs as well as smoking.

Smoking, as it has been found in various studies, has a great impact on the level of sperms. If you consistently do it, it can affect your sexual life.in addition to smoking, there is a great effect when you use too much alcohol as well as other drugs. Doctors across the world have seen the huge impact that alcohol, marijuana and other drugs have on the sperm health.

Avoid some medications.

Not all prescription medications are good for you reproductive health. There are studies that have shown some medications are responsible for the low sperm count. However, once the prescription period is over, the sperms get back to normal and in case it fails to happen, it is important to seek medical attention. Some of the medications that affect the sperm production are; some antibiotics, anti-androgen’s, corticosteroids, methadone, etc. some medications like the anabolic steroids takes up to one year to gain the full recovery.

Increase the intake of healthy fats while you reduce the unhealthy fats.

Healthy fats have a lot of importance in the health of the body and reproductive health is one of the beneficiaries. It is recommended that you should consume two essential omega products in equal quantities for the development of sperms as well as the antioxidant benefits.

As you take the healthy fats, you should avoid the consumption of Trans fatty acids that are responsible for the decrease in sperm count. Studies have shown that these fatty acids are responsible for the impairment of the long polyunsaturated fats that hinder the sperm developments.

By bearing in mid the above tips you can be assured that you will have quality sperms as well as great reproductive health.