What should you do if you are involved in a car accident in Tucson?

If you get harmed, you should contact a Tucson auto accident attorney who specializes in car accidents as soon as possible. Before speaking with any insurance company, including your own, you should consult with a lawyer. Talking with your insurance company about your case might backfire. Even if you decide not to hire them, most automobile accident lawyers provide free consultations. This blog will talk about what you should do if you are involved in a car accident.

Medical Aid

When you visit a doctor right away after an accident serves two purposes, one, you’ll likely prevent more severe health consequences by having a doctor assess and treat your injuries right away; and two, you’ll document and validate your injury case in front of the insurance company and the court.

Now is not the time to be stingy with your money. It’s not a brilliant idea to avoid going to the emergency hospital after a vehicle accident if you’re hurt because you’re afraid of medical expenditures. If you have any life-threatening illnesses, such as fractures, internal bleeding, or brain injuries, you should go to the emergency department.

Don’t blame yourself

It’s not the time to apologize. Do not confess guilt, even if you believe you were largely or entirely to blame for an accident. Do not hurry to a conclusion. Facts that incriminate the other driver or another individual who the police may have partially or entirely accused may emerge hours or days later. It’s better to be friendly with the other people involved in the accident but keep your words to a minimum. If medical assistance is required, get it for them. Stay out of a screaming match with the people involved. 

If the police are contacted and asked what happened, you must tell them the truth. Tell the officer what occurred objectively. If you’re not sure what happened, don’t speculate. Remember, it’s perfectly OK to respond to the officer’s questioning with “I don’t know.”

The crash report

Hopefully, the cops arrived, and they completed a crash report. A crash report isn’t ordinarily necessary to submit an insurance claim. Still, it will assist you in identifying crucial information for your claim, such as people involved, insurance policy information, and who, according to the officer, may have been responsible for the accident. If this is the case, it’s critical to obtain a copy of the accident report as quickly as possible. 

Written by Johnny Steele