How to Travel on a Shoestring Budget: Simple Hacks

Everyone longs for a time when they can travel and explore the world and meet new people. However, many people fail to realize this dream because of inadequate finances. While finances are integral when traveling, it doesn’t have to be a hindrance.

In this article, you’ll learn some tips on how to travel on a shoestring budget.

1. Hire a Campervan

If you don’t want the hassle of traveling in a plane, then you may want to consider a campervan. This way, you get to save on accommodation and transport costs, especially if you plan on touring the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

In addition to cost-saving, you get to enjoy yourself due to the amount of freedom this mode of traveling offers. For example, you can stop at any point and relax without inconveniencing anyone. Something you wouldn’t do in a plane.

2. Consider Overnight Travelling

The main aim here is to save on accommodation costs. For example, you can choose to travel by train to save money on transport and accommodation. Killing two birds with a single stone. How about that?

You can travel at night and sleep in the compartment and when you arrive at your destination, you can tour the place the entire day. Afterward, hop back into the train and head to another destination without making a single reservation at any hotel.

Besides, isn’t it fun to take in nature and the sceneries as you travel? You wouldn’t get that on a plane, would you?

3. Keep Away from Cities

There’re acres on end of breathtaking natural sceneries spread out across the world. In fact, you may not get the chance to visit all of them before you die but you can try. Cities are expensive and boring and even so, isn’t it the reason you decided to take a trip?

Why not take the time to explore nature. Immerse yourself in the Asian jungles or even travel and see with your own eyes the great wildebeest migration in Kenya’s Maasai Mara. There’re also desert parks in California.

4. Use Reward Points

This is one of the most common travel hacks used by tons of travelers. Accumulate reward points from credit cards such as the British Airways American Express card when buying groceries and paying bills.

You can also get a sign on bonus points when you get a new card or spend a certain amount of money within a specified period.

You can redeem these points and use them to buy flight tickets if you love traveling by air or even book hotel rooms.

5. Purchase Food from Supermarkets

Food takes up a lot of money during trips and vacations. However, you can bring down the costs by purchasing your food from supermarkets instead of eating out at restaurants or cafes.

This way, you get to save a lot of money even if it’s on a single meal. You can then use this money to fund other activities during your trip.

You don’t have to postpone your trips or vacations anymore because you don’t have money. With these tips, finances will be the last thing on your mind. What remains is for you is to choose a destination.