Why Unique Images are Important for Your Site and How to Create Them Yourself?

It’s not hard to find websites which use stock photos in their content, as it’s really easy to source a high-quality photo from photography websites such as Pxhere, Unsplash, Flickr etc. However, the downside to this is that websites end up having similar photos.

According to John Mueller, Google’s CEO, it is essential for website owners to use unique images on each of their pages. He states that posting unique images helps increase image search traffic. Of course, the use of unique images also helps with one box image results.

You can venture into the creation of unique images through the use of formyso.com; the constructor of unique images.

For those who still need convincing in the importance of using unique images, we have collected a few more reasons below.

Brand Exposure

According to John Mueller, using unique images doesn’t necessarily help you rank directly with a web search. It does, however, increase the chances of having your images features in the one box image results. This increases brand visibility which inherently equals brand exposure.

User Engagement and Experience

Stock photos can be boring and unengaging; thanks to the fact that almost every website uses them. Think of it this way: visitors are far more likely to get bored if they notice the same photos used on other websites.

By using new photos, you create a fresh look of your website. You also break the monotony and improve user engagement. A study conducted by The Content Strategist states that 66% survey participants plan on engaging their audience through the use of unique photography.

Brand Representation

People can often identify a particular brand by their image. The creation of unique images can give you an opportunity to design something that reflects your brands or website personality.

In conclusion, you can easily hire the service of creating unique images. This is true if you choose to source those services from Formyso. The creation of unique images is easy and only takes a few minutes.

You can find a brief look into the services offered by Formyso below.

Services Offered

The Formyso software lets content creators and web designers to have access to a rare and essential tool. The tool allows you to make your own unique image in under a few minutes. collecting them from a few ten thousand different pictures.

The editor is user-friendly and easy to use. The work starts with a blank canvas, on which the future image will be created. The editor provides you with the picture search, which will let you pick suitable items. They can be installed in any place of the canvas, changing the slope and size, as the images are in vector format (svg), which helps you keep the quality of an image on a high level.

After the elements are selected and placed, the image can be supplemented with a colored background and a frame. It is also possible to add text, which is often necessary for posts in social networks — so as to attract attention or create a title.

The important point is the use of filters. Many users try to publish content in the same style. The filter gives the opportunity to create desired shades and details for similar images.

You can access to software by visiting their website. Your editing and photo creation capabilities will be determined by the type of plan you choose.

You can either start with the basic plan, which is completely free. This gives you the chance to understand whether you are satisfied with the services or not. If you wish to upgrade your plan and expand your editing capabilities, you can choose Personal, Personal + or PRO.