Unbounce Review – Is it The Best Landing Page Builder To Create A One-Page Website?

The digital nature of today’s consumer makes it more valuable than ever to have an online presence as a business. The first impression that many people get of a business is from visiting their website. This could be to find contact information or even to seek employment/inquire about job openings. The goal of every website is going to be a bit different depending on what the business needs their website to do. Creating a website with company goals in mind is a necessity as lacking goals can lead to a cluttered website as everyone department believes their goal for the site is most important.

Unbounce is a landing page builder that has garnered acclaim due to its ease of use. For those people that are not tech savvy this can be a lifesaver as the alternative could be a poorly designed website with landing pages that consistently freeze browsers. Creating a one page website is commonplace for some businesses that simply want to have a website that helps customers contact them. Is Unbounce the best landing page builder to create this one page website? This will be different than many landing page builder reviews due to the demand for a single page. Below we will discuss the features of Unbounce that can make it a prime candidate as a page builder for a business looking for a simple yet elegant one-page website.

Customization Options

With a one-page website a business is going to want to stand out from their competition. Unbounce offers great customization options that include both complicated edits and simple ones. The best feature of this is that it can easily be done by both those with a technical background and those that are inexperienced building a website. The plethora of options for text placement makes it easy to make sections on the page using different types of text/placement of text without having to build another page.

So Many Options For Templates

Certain landing page builders do not have a large number of templates to choose from. A generic template that is used quite a bit on websites can give a business a generic feeling or the customer could think they did not put any work into the website. The templates are intuitive to customize as well as fill out with Unbounce helping to change landing page keywords depending on a visitor’s search query.

Free Trial

A free trial of Unbounce allows users to try out the landing page builder before making any kind of financial commitment. The $79 a month plan is well-worth it for those that want to modify their landing pages easily going forward. This helps focus on conversion of the website whether it is setting up sales calls, building email lists, or any other goals in mind. The free trial of this does not offer all features but it can give a user a great idea of how easy creating and modifying landing pages can be.


Unbounce could be the best landing page builder there is on the market. This goes for a one-page site or a much larger site with hundreds of pages. The monthly fee is reasonable enough as it can save time that can be allocated elsewhere. The vast amount of landing page features that can be modified allows a business or person to put their best foot forward in terms of their website. There are other comparable landing page builders but they lack in customization options as well as are not as budget friendly as Unbounce.