Small Ways to Improve Travel

Travel is so much fun, but it’s also so much stress. Even the most experienced traveler can get a little worn out by the security lines and tiny airplane seats and con artists on the street. We travel because we want to see other places and other cultures, but in the middle of planning which landmark to see and which wine bar to visit, we may neglect some smaller measures that can really help us out before, during, and after our trip.

Distinctive luggage

When walking through the airport, do you notice a lot about the luggage everyone else is hauling around? Probably not, unless it’s got a special design of some sort. If someone is carrying a bright pink suitcase in a place where everyone else has a black or gray suitcase, that’s going to attract attention. The same is true of the guy carrying around luggage decorated with the logo of his favorite sports team. We notice things that are unusual, while things that are perceived as normal tend to blend into the background. That’s one thing that makes claiming your luggage after a flight so tricky. If your suitcase is one of fifty different black bags on the baggage carousel, then things can get frustrating pretty quick. But not everyone wants to trade in their old reliable suitcase for something that looks like a rainbow. There’s a good middle ground in the form of distinctive bag tags that will help you recognize your stuff even at a distance. If you have the money and time to go searching for a brightly-colored rolling suitcase, then feel free to do so, but many tourists will be able to get along just fine by replacing their old, ratty suitcase tags with something fresh and unique.

Know your limits

It’s super common to get to your destination and feel a ton of pressure to be active every single waking minute. You might tell yourself that it doesn’t matter how tired you are; you’re in a special place and you cannot afford to take any breaks. Slow down. Slow way down, if necessary. A few people can go nonstop from the moment their flight lands until the minute they return to the airport to leave town. Most people, though, aren’t like that, and that’s fine. It’s more than fine. It’s natural to get excited and want to check off every single item on your list, but that’s not realistic. Vacations are supposed to be about relaxing, not about stressing yourself out and going hard until you collapse from exhaustion. Remember that you’re in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces. That alone can be tiring. Before you go, make a list of experiences you absolutely don’t want to miss, and then make sure that those things are your top priority. You can also make a list of experiences that are nice but not essential. That gives you a little breathing room to customize the trip and take thing as they come. Research will help you keep a running list, so make sure to get as much information as possible. If you’re heading to the coast of Florida, get a St. George Island Guide from Resort Vacation Properties. Get as many reputable guidebooks as you can stand. Doing a lot of planning now will give you the freedom to be flexible later.