Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wisdom teeth are strange things – and it’s not because they make you wise. They are the teeth that come out in the back of the jaw and sometimes they never even develop. It has become a routine procedure for any young adult to have their wisdom teeth removed. But is this all necessary? As it is with most things, it all depends on situations. What follows is a few different situations and whether or not it is necessary to have the Wisdom teeth removed in each one.

Teeth are Becoming Misaligned

This is a common reason for wisdom teeth being removed. Dentists at Birch Dental Group state that there is not enough space for them in the jaw which supposedly results in the surrounding teeth becoming misaligned and crooked. This however is a myth. According to studies and research, third molars (wisdom teeth) do not have enough force to move teeth that are already rooted in the jaw. Experts have agreed that the idea of removing third molars because of the risk of overcrowding is unwarranted.

Removing Wisdom Teeth is a Harmless Procedure

Although this procedure is not one of the riskiest ones, it still has its potential dangers. There have been cases where patients have faced near death because of cardiac arrest during this procedure. Many dentists will not even discuss the risks with their patients because this has become such a standard procedure. However, there are risks and people deserve to know what they are before agreeing to undergo this operation. In some situations, there is a risk of nerve damage. Although this isn’t a common complication that occurs, one should think about the risk of having drool for the rest of your life.

It Is Always Necessary

Now obviously if it is vital that you remove your Wisdom teeth then the risks will be worth taking, but if it isn’t as necessary as doctors may make it seem then it definitely will not be. And unfortunately, some may push this procedure onto you without it being completely necessary. There are some instances that extraction is a must. One of these would be when the Wisdom teeth are causing the patient pain and discomfort. Decay and disease can also become a problem, as is the case with all your teeth. Regular dental check-ups – no matter your age – will help prevent problems and detect problems before it is too late.

Wisdom teeth are known to cause problems, but this is not exactly truthful. Yes, they can cause discomfort and pain, and there will be times when removing them is the only option. However, this procedure is not the smallest of dental procedures and it does have risks attached. Speaking to your dentist about your specific situation is always the best option, and you don’t have to go in blind. People should not be ignorant to the myths about Wisdom Teeth. Only opt for the procedure if it is necessary.