Lord of the Drinks: A Stylish Pub at the Heart of Delhi for Exciting Nightlife

The night life in Delhi cannot be compared to any other city. The most happening place to hang out and enjoy the night life is Connaught Place in Delhi. It houses the best night clubs and restaurants where you can have the best time of your life with your friends and family. Amongst all these popular nightclubs in CP, Lord of the Drinks is a preferred choice for most people.

Lord of the Drinks looks like a very stylish pub and it is located in the heart of the city. This makes it a convenient spot to visit for everyone. It is one of the most popular go-to places after a long day at work. The time that you spend here is so enriching that it will make you forget about your weariness in no time at all.

The Decor

The décor of this pub is similar to the eras of 16th and 17th century set in Scotland and Ireland. The ambience is purely breath-taking and its services are going to leave you energized for the entire night. This night club is often crowded by youngsters of the city. The theme of the pub revolves around the medieval era. The decorators of Lord of the Drinks have carefully blended the characteristics of medieval era with slight touches of modern looks. The walls of the pub resemble the walls of a castle as they have been decorated with stony coarse structures. To enhance the royal effect, battle shields as well as swords have also been used to adorn the walls.

The ceiling has been formed with a network of wooden bars that are heavy and solid. They run all across on the top in the spacious room. Most of the interior of the pub has been done using materials like wood and metal. Other artefacts include items like humanoids, armors, helmets and spear. To make sure that the customers dine comfortably, plush sofas have been incorporated in the décor. They help the patrons to sit in a comfortable manner and stay relaxed. In addition to this, they add a dash of classiness to the pub.

The Ambience

The pub looks comfy and cosy, but it is quite big. It is ideal enough for hosting party, celebration or event. It offers seating arrangement both indoors as well as outdoors. You can choose any of these seating based on your choice.

Since Lord of the Drinks is a pub, it offers a wide range of options when it comes to drinks. Both mocktails and cocktails served here are extremely exotic and have fine taste. The bar is always fully stocked with almost every variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage possible. The great music adds to the fun of enjoying your drink and gets your feet tapping.

The night club not only offers great drinks, but the food served here is delicious too. They serve delicacies from cuisines like North Indian, American, European, Italian and Chinese. Their Thai gravies, Mexican fare and pasta are really popular. The prices of this bar are slightly high as compared to others, but it provides great value for money.

Address: Lord of the Drinks, G-72, Radial Road Number 2, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

The aura of this night club is such that the moment you set foot here, you will feel yourself drifting in a night of pure bliss and merriment. Next time you plan a trip to Connaught Place, make sure you try out this stylish bar and have a memorable night life experience with your best buddies.