7 Insider Secrets from Industry Experts to Help You Buy an Engagement Ring

Engagement is not an everyday deal and engagement ring is not something that you buy every day. So, there are various quality checks and other important things which you need to keep in mind before singling out a ring for your better half. Apart from metal, there are various generic things that you need to take under consideration. Let us have a look at some insider secrets from industry experts to help you buy an engagement ring.

1. Compromise on Few Qualities for Cut

Some of the important parameters of diamond which control its price are cut, clarity, colour and carat. However, experts suggest that cut is the most important parameter based on which the quality of diamond can be judged. “The cut is brings out the fire and the brilliance,” are the words used by a senior industry analyst from non-profit organization that developed the grading system. Good cut results in such high quality that other factors like Clarity and Colour can be compromised on. Also, if gold is used, the contrast makes the diamond look brighter. So, you can compromise on the contrast of the diamond if you buy jewellery online.

2. Avoid Big Brand Names

Big names come with big prices. This has been the saying for a long time and things are not expected to change much within known future. Big brands and stores do lot of expense on their advertisement, thus increasing the effective cost that they incur on every item sold. As a result of this, the ultimate selling price is hiked by a considerable margin. On the other hand, small companies and stores also provide good products and services, but at comparatively lower prices. So, avoid big brand names.

3. Asses Some Other Qualities

Apart from the four C’s mentioned in the first point, there are many other qualities and parameters also which need to be taken into consideration. For example, fluorescence is a property which can make the diamond milky or glow blue under some coloured lights. Fluorescence leads to lower prices but it is a quality which does not make much of a difference to looks and other parameters of the diamond. Some stones, which are lasered to remove imperfection, are priced lower because they have been altered.

4. Use Negotiability Skills

Negotiation is always a possibility until and unless you are in a very high level and branded shop. So, put the negotiator hat and do reasonable negotiation if possible.

5. Buy Light Size

Buying carats which are just near the quarter, half or full carat mark on the lower side cost less in comparison to the premium marks. This is basically because the reshaping and polishing of diamond leads to loss of carats. However, finding such stones in market is a difficult task as sellers try to keep the premium numbers. So, try to buy sizes like 0.98 carat for much lower price in comparison to 1 carat.

6. Pick Fancy Shape

The shape of the diamond also turns out to be a determiner when the price of diamond is concerned. The circular shape is most used when it comes to engagement rings and as a result of this; the price of circular shaped diamonds is higher in comparison to others. For example, the price of marquise shape and oval shaped diamond is almost half of the circular shaped diamond of same weight. Apart from this, the fancy shapes also look of bigger sizes as the overall surface area is smaller in comparison to circular shape. So, going for shapes like oval or heart shape is obviously a wise choice.

7. Take Into Consideration Estate Jewellery

Many estate jewelleries are available as people are not willing to keep old rings which belonged to their grandparents or great grandparents. These estate jewelleries not only ensure the superior quality but also come at cheaper price, despite being rarely used. So, you should consider estate jewellery if you are looking for smart choices.

These considerations will obviously lead to you getting a better ring at a lower price.