Did You Know About the History of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium?

The bold architectural style of the Montreal Olympic Stadium, unique in North America, makes it an
emblematic building of the City of Montreal. It was designed by the French architect Roger Taillibert to host the 1976 Summer Olympics. If you are planning to go on a vacation in Canada, you have to know that the Montreal’s Olympic Stadium is now part of the built heritage, not only of the metropolis, but also of Quebec and Canada. So, make sure the Olympic Stadium is on the top
your “to visit-list”.

Description of the stadium

You may have heard that seen from a distance, the stadium gives a picture of a fun white elephant. But, as strange as it is, yes, this fact is totally true. This fact apart, the highest inclined tower in the world with 165 meters high can also be seen there. And this is, by the way, the reason why this stadium was nicknamed the “Big O”.

It is equipped with around 56000 seats in the stands and covered with amphitheatre in Quebec which can shelter large scale events.

Moreover, a number of swimming pools have been built on the premises. And yet, the Swimming Pools Club at the Olympic Park now resides there. We can say that Canadians really deserve their pride at this great landmark.

How to get there?

To discover the stadium in its entire splendor, consider coming to Canada when there are large-scale gatherings. If this is your first time in Canada, take the subway or the buses. It’s faster and also cheaper. If you decide to use your own car, you still have to pay the parking fee ranging from
$ 15 to $20. However, put some small savings aside to buy ice cream and because it is in your way, take a look at the Olympic Park.

Once there, there are two access points: one in Rotonde and the other on the Sun Life Financial
Esplanade. Hosts and hostesses will guide you with enthusiasm. It is not to mention that you should follow all instructions given by the staff such as keeping your bags safe. To avoid the long queue, be there a little earlier.

The different attractions

The event at the stadium itself is an attraction. Moreover, visitors can admire the beauty of the city by
climbing the tower. You can also taste the specialties of the country, as food makers are present on the premises. It will truly be a delightful and playful experience. Young and old alike will find their own paradise.

Montrealers love to tickle themselves to a night out and have a delicious meal. Factually, Montreal has more restaurants than New York City. You can enjoy a tour to old Montreal. It has so many exciting things to offer. A walk along Saint Paul Street is a great option to cram in the popular European atmosphere. There are several bars, restaurants, art galleries, and souvenir shops.

Since Montreal is relatively affordable city to live and visit, prices are fair despite a highly touristy area. Strolling through the lanes of market is a great way to interact with locals and taste new things.

Your visit to Montreal would count incomplete without a visit to a coffee shop. The city is doing fairly well in terms of independent and Instagram-friendly. The city has thrived as a cosmopolitan hub of trade and communications. It has developed to be the second largest French speaking city in the world.

In short, a visit to the eastern Canadian city of Montreal is never complete without experiencing its fascinating culture, art, food and architecture. All you have to do is to pack your bags and take out your passport. Do not forget that you will also need an electronic travel authorization: Canadian
ETA to enter in the country. You can submit your application online if you do not have one yet. This will take only few minutes.

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