Airport Transfer, What’s the Best Choice?

Boarding a plane is the first, and most probably the easiest part of any trip. Usually you start a trip from your hometown, it’s your turf, you know your way around and feel comfortable. Once you arrive at your destination, everything is different and your first task is to get from the airport to your hotel or meeting.

Thanks to the internet and mobile technology, you have a few options to choose from. Here we’ll take a look at the most common methods of transport and their benefits.

Public Transport

Practically every airport website informs you about the different train or bus connections available. Generally public transport should be the cheapest, and most reliable, method to reach your destination, but this is not always the case. Depending on how many people you are and how far your destination is from the airport, cabs or other services could be cheaper.

Apart from the price, comfort can be a factor too; lugging your luggage from one station to the other, then having to walk half an hour before you reach your destination, is not always the best way to start your vacation, or business trip.

Online Car Services

These services are usually used to book rides online well in advance. The pre-booking method is good for people who like to plan in advance or when you want to arrange for a guest to be picked up at the airport.

JFK car service is a typical example of such a service in New York. When ordering here you expect a driver ready in the airport lobby for you upon arrival. Car services are judged on their reliability, choice and quality of their fleet, and their drivers; they depend on a good reputation to stay in business, so you can nearly always be sure to get the service you expect.

You have the option of choosing from a variety of cars, depending on your need and your preferences. Of course you can also order a luxury limousine with a suited up driver, if needed, usually for an affordable price.

Car-Hailing Apps

Uber is one of the more (in)famous car-hailing services, luckily there are many similar services in cities all over the world. Depending on where you are traveling to, it is worth checking out local alternatives.

There is a lot of controversy around such apps, also known as E-hailing apps, but they do have their benefits:

  • You can add your destination when requesting a ride, it helps when you can’t speak the language and don’t know your way around.
  • The fares are calculated beforehand, preventing discussions with foreign taxi drivers over the fare.
  • Most services let you pay using the app.

Airport Cabs

Airports around the world commonly have their own taxi cabs, which operate 24/7. You can expect to get service whenever you land, but the price may vary depending on the country of destination, but generally airport taxis are the first choice of frequent travellers.

Here are a few advantages of airport cabs:

  • Airport taxis are well regulated and all drivers will have a proper license.
  • The cars are well equipped to handle luggage, and you can have a person from the airport staff carry all your items to the cab.
  • The fare structure is clear and transparent.
  • The drivers are experienced with foreign travellers and know most of the popular hotels or business destinations.
  • You know where to contact in case you forget something in the cab, or you have a complaint.
  • No pre-booking is necessary

The Cabs Outside

In lots of cities you can catch a normal cab outside the airport. This is OK if you are travelling light and are familiar with the city and general taxi fares. Of course there is the possibility to negotiate a cheaper price, in some countries, but you also run the risk of being overcharged, ending up at the wrong address, or even worse, getting robbed.