6 Services That Redefine Travelling

Travelling is what some people do for work and others out of passion, but one thing is for certain – recent development of digital, mobile and cloud services has completely changed the way people both perceive traveling and engage in it. Here are some services that fully embrace the modern technology and improve our experiences from exploring distant locales.

1. GoEuro

A strong ground transportation network is both a blessing and a curse – on the one hand, it allows you to quickly to get from one part of the country (or even between countries in more integrated regions like Europe). On the other hand, for an outsider looking through the plethora of possibilities and competing transportation methods, it quickly turns into a head-spinning nightmare. GoEuro is a multimodal search site that collects information from diverse European agencies (primarily rail networks) and represents it on one platform for the user to easily compare and find the best, cheapest and fastest route to his destination.

2. Bagbnb

No matter how much some people keep promoting travelling light, the majority of us still cannot imagine going places without a good deal of luggage. And although luggage management can hardly be considered an exciting and eye-opening experience, it is something that to a great degree defines how much pleasure the rest of the trip is going to bring. Bagbnb luggage storage network solves this problem. With its help, you can always find the nearest storage to drop off your heave luggage until the next time you are going to need it, without worrying about its safety.

3. Flightfox

Feel that flight search is too much of a bother? Why not delegate it to those who made it their career? Cloud based travel management Flightfox works as follows: you start a contest by describing the specifics of your trip (dates, places you want to visit, time to spend in each of them, etc.) and post a finder’s fee. After that, flight experts registered with the service start competing for your money, offering you the best bargains and cheapest (or most comfortable, or any other combination of characteristics) flights. This allows you to spend less time flight-hunting, waste less money and use your time more efficiently.

4. Detour

Detour is probably the most interesting way to experience cities of the world when you want the company not of the bunch of other tourists but of individuals who know the places in question best. Detour provides audio walks – you simply go to a place, connect to Detour and listen to the story of the place told by professional journalists, tour guides, and radio producers.

5. Lola

Unlike many other modern services that like demonstrating their reliance on automation and tech, Lola finds its pride in exactly the opposite approach – offering human touch to areas that are quickly losing it. Instead of bots, it uses human travel agents with whom you can interact through chat interface, delegating them tasks like booking hotel rooms, renting cars and finding flight tickets.

6. Packpoint

Packpoint is a powerful packing app designed for travelers who take their pastime seriously. Type in the specifics of your travel, and it will tell you what you are going to need based on the weather at your destination, planned activities, the time you intend to stay and so on. No more going in circles trying to figure out if you’ve forgotten something – Packpoint will do the worrying for you.

Travelling today is more comfortable, enjoyable and safer than ever before – but it is in your power to make it even more so with the use of these and other similar services!