Cautious ScamBitcoin Reviewers Analyze GunBot (, End Up Recommending Software

ScamBitcoin team impressed with capabilities/reputation of the crypto auto trader GunBot

London, December 11, 2017. Their interest piqued by GunBot’s reputation and the positive community vibe surrounding the operation, ScamBitcoin’s reviewers have taken a closer look at GunBot (The Crypto Bot), and ended up being thoroughly impressed by the abilities of the software and the straightforward nature of the business model.

According to the head editor of ScamBitcoin, GunBot’s creators have managed to cram a relatively intricate concept into a package that’s easy to understand and master, even for newcomers.

GunBot is a cryprocurrency auto trader, which lets users set the parameters for trading, the strategy and a number of other essential variables, based on which it can trade away, hopefully generating profits, even as its users sleep. Unlike less savory auto trading setups out there, GunBot does not claim to make predictions or to be able to beat the markets. It simply executes a user-created trading strategy perfectly.

GunBot currently supports four crypto-exchanges: Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken and Cryptopia, and scores of coin pairs, such as BTC/ETH, BTC/USDT, and BTC/Dash.

The only “issue” reviewers have found with GunBot is its price, which – now that the price of BTC is probing record highs – has become rather steep. The base package, which supports a single market/exchange, will set the user back some BTC 0.1., GunBot’s official site, sells a number of complementary software packages too, designed to increase GunBot’s overall profitability.

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