Top 11 Tools for Carefree Wedding Planning

You’re thrilled and excited – your wedding is coming! That’s definitely a very romantic day that most of us wish to memorize forever, so everything has to be ideal. But how to make that happen, especially if your wedding is not a celebrity party with a $1,000,000 budget? Is it possible to organize everything and not to lose your mind? Definitely! Don’t let the planning hassle spoil the positive mood and emotions of preparing to this best day of your life – use our simple hacks to make the process if not enjoyable, then at least not so nightmarish.

Use technology to your advantage

In the old times, wedding planning used to be much of a mess. You either had to hop from one task and place to another one, exhausted to extremes and deeply nervous by the Day X, or were urged to pay a round sum of money to a professional wedding planner. Now, with the technological era developing at a full swing, planning a wedding has become much less costly and tiring, even for absent-minded and disorganized people. With literally hundreds of wedding planning tools, you may easily choose a wedding app you like, install it on your smartphone in an instant, and enjoy the power of technology working for you. We have prepared a brief review of most helpful online apps that can easily streamline every aspect of your wedding planning process – enjoy!

1. Start the Planning Process with Wedding Wire

Obviously, the planning process has to start somehow. That’s the hardest point, as at the beginning, your mind cracks, trying to keep everything in a huge, endless to-do list. What to start with? How not to forget about some really important aspects? This is where the Wedding Wire app comes as vital assistance – this wedding planning app is a must-have for beginning planners. The tool contains contacts and reviews about over 200,000 venues and vendors for you to choose from, and enables quick search for getting initial ideas about whom to hire, where to celebrate, and what to do next.

2. Planning from Head to Toe: Appy Couple

Another all-in-one solution for well-organized wedding planning is the Appy Couple app. It is a handy wedding budget planner with an advanced set of options: timeline tracking, decoration tips, honeymoon arrangements, gift and etiquette tips, and a realm of other wedding-related trifles you might not even think over yet.

3. Assistance with Last-Minute Tasks: TaskRabbit

Forgot to arrange something and the day X is approaching? No problem at all! With an online wedding planner like TaskRabbit, you will quickly find needed local vendors for any pending task.

4. Make Your Photos Original with GoPro

Hiring a professional photographer is only a half of the photo success – you might not even think over the variety of funny and original photos you can make on your own by using a simple GoPro camera. Look for some creative ideas and poses and make sure you have a GoPro on the wedding day.

5. Honeymoon Preparations Made Easy with TouristEye

All newly-weds want something extraordinary from their honeymoon, and it’s natural – the sweet memories from your first family travel may warm your heart for many years to come. To make sure that your honeymoon is truly unique and well-planned, use the TouristEye app – a great solution for finding travel destinations, planning your time there, and even arranging a group travel with friends.

6. Decoration Tips at Carats & Cake

Studying photo materials from other weddings is a primary source of inspiration for many of us. That’s really handy – you look at the photos and videos, and stick to what you like. But how to find caterers that made the decorations, or how to find out where that bride bought those shoes? This is where the Carats & Cake app is invaluable. It contains a realm of useful information about vendors involved in preparing real weddings. Look through its detailed portfolios and reviews to find the right persons for your wedding quickly.

7. Selecting the Style and Color Palette with myPantone

This app is not exactly meant for wedding planning, but it may be very useful for color selection and identification. With the modern palette of wedding styles going much further beyond the simple “green” or “rose,” you might experience much difficulty figuring out and explaining to your vendors which color you dream of – especially if it is something like “seafoam green”, “mental floss” or “bastard-amber.” myPantone will help you out in some situations in one click – just scan the color from any covered surface and it will tell you the color’s name.

8. Gorgeous Wedding Site with Riley & Grey

A wedding site is a convenient way of organizing the wedding planning process, especially in terms of updating guests about all details and keeping well-organized communication with everyone. Riley & Grey offers a fashionable and cost-effective solution for making a sweet wedding hub for your event.

9. Everything in One Kit: WeddingHappy

There is hardly a smarter wedding planner app available in the app market for free. It enables easy and systematized tracking of various planning aspects, such as payments (both budget and planned payments by date), tasks – completed and scheduled for the near future, a to-do checklist for literally every day, and some advanced functionality for managing vendor contacts. It allows synchronization with other users and enables you to keep everything under control.