A Complete Move Out Cleaning Checklist for Renters

When you move out from your rented apartment, the first thing you need is your security deposit. Unfortunately, many people fail to get back the full amount tied to their security deposit. Landlords can reduce the security deposit for a number of reasons, including cleaning costs and unpaid rent. If you want to get your security deposit in full, you need to conduct move out cleaning and take care of broken and misplaced items in the house. Here is a moving out cleaning checklist you might find useful.

Checklist for the Whole House

You need to check everywhere in the house to determine which areas needs cleaning and fixing. Here is what we recommend;

• Remove all the nails and screws from the walls and putty them smoothly.

• Clean all the windows.

• Dust the ceiling fixtures and ledges.

• Remove dust from the door knobs and clean all the doors.

• Clean the walls and baseboards.

• Clean and vacuum all the floors, including the stairs.

• Get any stain out of the stairs and remove all cobwebs.

• Clean the fireplace.

• Remove all the light covers from the light fixtures and clean them.

• Remove everything from the closet and shelves and clean them.

Clean the Kitchen

Here is a moving out cleaning checklist for the kitchen;

• Clean all the kitchen ranges, including broiler pans.

• Remove all the drip pans and clean the underneath surface of the countertops.

• Clean all the cabinets and drawer fronts.

• Run ice cubes through garbage disposal containers to remove odor.

• Use an all-purpose cleaner to disinfect the countertops and the sink.

• Wipe away all the dust from the oven

• Move the refrigerator and clean the area underneath it.

• Sweep and mop the kitchen floor thoroughly.

• Clean vents on the floors and walls.

Though it is possible to clean the kitchen yourself, we recommend hiring domestic cleaning services to do the job. Such services have professional cleaners who know the dos and don’ts of kitchen cleaning.

Clean the Living Room

If you have a living room, you need to make sure it is clean. Dust off electrical covers and vacuum the carpet and baseboards. Clean all vents on the floor or wall. If your furniture has left dents on the floor, tease the area with your fingers to raise the damaged fibers. You can also place an ice cube on the dent and leave it overnight or use a blow dryer.

Clean the Bathroom

The bathroom should remain shiny and sparkling clean, just like you found it when you entered the apartment. Use an all-purpose cleaner together with a sponge to scrub the floors, sinks and toilet bowl. Get rid of mold and stains in nooks and crannies using a toothbrush. If the bathtub or toilet bowl is stained, use some bleach to restore the original color. Do not forget to clean the mirrors, remove the stain from the counters or clear all the drawers. Finish off the cleaning by vacuuming and mopping the floor of the bathroom.

Clean the Garage

The garage should be completely empty and clean. Use a soft broom to sweep off all the dust and residue on the floor of the garage. Use an all-purpose cleaner to mop the floor and walls. If there are oil marks on the floor or wall, use an anti-grease cleaning agent to remove them. The garage should be as clean as you found it.

Clean the Bedroom

The first thing you should do is remove all the furniture from the bedroom. After that, dust the ceiling and walls and wipe down the baseboards. In case you have a radiator in the bedroom, be sure to dust it too. Next, take a smooth broom and sweep off the entire room before vacuuming and mopping it. Clean the electrical covers and remove all cobwebs. If you painted the room with a different color, ask the landlord if it would be okay to repaint it with the original color.

Cleaning the Yard Area

If you are lucky enough to have a yard, you want to make sure it is clean before you leave. Weed all the flower beds and mow and edge the lawn. Remove any other unwanted items and garbage.

Clean Other Outdoor Areas

Remove any item you have left outside. This may include items like children’s toys, personal deck chairs and chimes. Sweep the hose that leads to the porch or balcony. Scrub the porch with a hard brush.

The checklist discussed above will provide you with helpful insights on what should be done when conducting a move out cleaning. Remember, the cleaner the house is, the greater the likelihood you will get your security deposit back without any deductions. Just ensure you hire professional cleaners to do the job.