Top 5 Tips to Write a Brilliant Essay

Even the most brilliant of writers can sometimes suffer from a lack of brilliance, forcing them to write sub-par essays that will not sate the thirst of new readership. If you are suffering from writer’s block or if you do not believe that you are creative enough to write a brilliant essay, then here are the top five tips that will help you write a better essay.

Preparing an outline or diagram of ideas

To write a successful essay, thoughts organization is going to be extremely important. You should put down what is already in your head and jot it down on paper and as a result, you will be able to see connections and links between ideas more clearly. This is what is called using an outline or a diagram for you to transform your ideas into text. You should start by writing your topic in the middle of your page.

The topic will obviously be divided into sub-headings which break down the topic and make it more interesting to you and will eventually make it more interesting for the reader. This is how you will be able to get the cogs running in the first place.

Prepare the introduction now

If a headline or title is important to get the reader to choose to actually sit down and read your essay, then a compelling introduction is going to help them stick to the entire content. Therefore, it is equally important that introduction should attract the reader’s attention and show be the primary focus of your essay. You can always come up with an attention-grabbing introduction.

You can do this by incorporating the use of shocking information, dialogue, a story, a quote, or a simple summary of your topic. Whatever angle you decide to choose, make sure that you do not deviate from the core subject, which is obviously the headline.

Building up your vocabulary effectively

Having a short-sighted vocabulary or using plain and mundane words is not just going to bore your readers, but it will end up boring you too eventually. Therefore, it is important that you improve your vocabulary. Improving your vocabulary can improve by reading other people’s essays, to watching movies and shows with subtitles. This might sound silly, but it is a great and very effective way to brush up on the words you use, or will end up using for your essay.

Reading other well-crafted essays for inspiration

No one is born a better writer than the other person so if you want inspiration and the push needed to become a better curator of words, then you can opt to read other people’s essays. Overtime, you will be able to come up with your own tone and a dedicated angle with which you write your essay in.

Don’t be a controversial writer

Writing on sensitive topics can often make you the center of being ridiculed. If you believe that you cannot write a compelling topic, you can always buy essays and then form your own content with your purchase. When you are choosing a topic, it is important that you remain impartial to the subject matter. If you start taking sides, it will only become a rant and not a thought-provoking essay that you want it to be.