Vantage Self Cleaning Pool Is A Smart Option for Safe and Healthier Water

Owning a swimming pool in your backyard is like living at home in resort-style. Imagine the fun time, sunshine, and pure relaxation that you can enjoy. Unfortunately, the manual task and effort necessary to keep the pool water clean and healthy to swim does not enter your mind.

Well-planned circulation system is crucial

Healthy pool means how well water gets circulated and filtered all through the day. It means a well-designed circulation system makes a difference between pools that needs looked after and pool you dreamt of owning. Regular water movement tends to be very healthy otherwise it becomes stagnant quickly and goes green.

Experts recommend that all the water from pool has to be pumped out and filtered before returning it back, every day. It helps to ensure that water gets sanitized properly to avert the growth of bacteria.

Traditional pool issues

Traditional pool used the eyeball & skimmer system. Water from the top gets pushed in a skimmer, which filters it and feeds into a pump that pushes water back through eyeball return jets. It takes 8 hours to circulate standard pool volume but the thing doubted is whether it actually circulates whole pool or just 1/3rd of top again and again.

The deeper parts of pool sit still and are an ideal breeding place for algae and bacteria. The warm water on the top and chemically treated water does not reach the pool bottom, where it is required for eliminating bacteria.

Chemicals and heat closer to top surface dissipate quickly due to wind or burn off [sunrays]. Therefore, to have healthy water in a pool, you will need to consider a solution, which ensures top-to-bottom circulation. The more water moves, the hard it is for bacteria to survive.

Research displays that traditional heated pool use 40% more energy and 50% more chemicals in comparisons to in-floor system heated pools.

Self cleaning smart pool

Vantage self cleaning pool is equipped with fully automatic in-floor cleaning as well as water circulation system. The cleaning and circulation from bottom-to-top is taken care of smartly. Unlike traditional pool water circulation system, Vantage system is designed to circulate pool water from bottom-to-top. Every layer of pool water gets penetrated, removing dead spots, where bacteria and algae develop.

How Vantage system cleans?

  • Arrays of unobtrusive nozzles get strategically flush-mounted at the bottom of pool.
  • Each nozzle rotates and pops up one after another in a sequence automatically and silently.
  • The freshly filtered water from powerful streams working in sequence push debris and dirt in a Vantage collection zone.
  • This dirt and debris is pushed by fixed nozzle into a main drain, which carries it to a debris canister.

Robotic /suction cleaners versus Vantage

  • Robotic cleaners keep pool tidy but not clean.
  • Vantage self cleaning pool uses proper circulation system to keep pool clean as well as healthy.
  • Remember, the running cost of Vantage is low and system is totally automatic and noiseless.
  • You don’t need to pick heavy gear like ‘suction cleaners’ inside and outside the pool.
  • There is no concern about robots getting tangled or energy wastage.
  • Moreover, no manual vacuuming or cleaning needs to be taken care of because Vantage is smart pool cleaning system.
  • You can term suction/robotic cleaners semi-automatic because they need to be unpacked, installed, removed, and packed, which takes minimum 20 minutes. In summer, when pool is sued the most this can turn to be a daily task.
  • In-floor systems are genuinely automatic because they are installed permanently and operate automatically, everyday.
  • Vantage pool system achieves total tio-to-bottom circulation, which results in efficient water sanitization with 50% less costs against chemicals.
  • Pool running cost in respect to electricity is less with energy efficient pumps.

With Vantage self cleaning smart pool system, you get safe, clean, and healthier water for less maintenance.