Difference Between Liposuction and Liposculption

Liposuction and Liposculpture are two very similar terms. They look and sound similar to the extent that a lot of people might even mistake them for being the same procedure. Although, this is far from being true. When one has decided to undergo a treatment, one must gather enough knowledge so as to avoid any points of discrepancy at a later stage. There might be places where the words are being used interchangeably, but there exists a difference between the terms as well as the procedures.

Liposuction can be said to be a fat removal procedure which is also evident from its name, “suctioning fat out of the body”. Liposculpture, again as the name suggests, is more of a sculpting for the body. It would not be wrong to categorize liposculpting as an art form, and the operator an artist. While liposuction is more focused on the removal of fat, as a whole, the process of liposculpting focuses more upon the removal of fat from the desired places for an overall contouring effect.

Compared to liposuction that removes fat in large quantities, with volume being the focus, liposculpture involves more of a careful planning as to what a person wants their body to look like, which parts of the body need fat reduction and in what quantities. The human body is then looked at as a canvas where the artist performs the surgery in order to sculpt it in a particular form.

Apart from being distinct in terms of the procedure followed and the results, there also exists a distinction between the ideal candidates for both the procedures. People opting for liposculpting are not primarily looking for weight loss. They are in fact, very close to the ideal weight; they might even be on the thinner side but with stubborn fat deposits in certain segments of the body.

The primary concern is sculpting the body which might even involve extracting fat from one segment of the body and transferring it to another section. For instance, male patients might want six pack abs so they would want to get rid of the excess fat on their abdomen, sculpting it, and perhaps want the fat to be used in sculpting another area. This re-introduction of fat is called Lipo-Filling or Fat-Transfer.

Liposculpture has moved some steps ahead from merely removing bulges from the body, to transforming the entire body structure of a person. It involves a deep understanding of the proportion of the body and the ability to safely remove enough fat, changing the lines of symmetry. It provides a well-defined figure, giving you the freedom to get your body sculpted as per your personal requirements and hence boosting your self-esteem. Liposculpture provides a more refined result as compared to the conventional liposuction. The recovery time for liposculpture is also comparatively quicker since there is minimal trauma, ie. bruising. The results of the procedure can be maintained with exercise and a sensible diet.

It is essential to understand the intricacies of both the procedures and then match them with your personal requirements as well as expectations to determine what suits you best. Doing your research remains the best possible way to go about it.

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