Jumpstart Your Nursing Career

Nursing is not a profession for the faint of heart. As a nurse, you enter the office every day expecting the unexpected and you see something new each shift. But at the same time, nurses are such an essential part of our healthcare experience. They require professionalism, knowledge, and at times an iron stomach in the face of some of the strangest and grossest circumstances. Nursing is a calling that too few caregivers take up, but one that gives back in spades for those who engage in it.

What you’ll need

Nursing is a unique field in that little education is required for entrance, yet the potential for growth is staggeringly high. While the bar is gradually rising, many hospitals hire registered nurses holding only an associate’s degree. That means you can begin your career after just a two year stint in college, although it also means you’ll likely be relegated to the most difficult tasks and shifts available.

Climbing the nursing ladder is not unthinkable, however. In order to really flourish as a nurse, you need to be aware of your experience and education. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to improve your stock. Nurses with experience and higher education can specialize in countless fields including children’s healthcare, surgical team care, and even as a dedicated travel nurse choosing your own schedule and location every few months. Aside from the pride you will get from rising through the ranks, nurse practitioners — what you’ll be qualified for if you complete a master’s degree — earn about 30 percent more than their less educated colleagues.

If you’re a nurse or if you hope to be, you owe it to yourself to continue improving for your own good and for your patients. Nurses overwhelmingly feel a duty to provide the best care they can to those in their charge. The better prepared you are to handle a barrage of uniquely challenging cases the better care you will be able to give. The best part of the nursing field is that upward mobility does not need to come with the sacrifice of not working.

Where to look for experience

If you recently entered the world of nursing in Houston, you know the unique challenges that come along with this special area. Houston serves as the home to one of the most diverse communities in the country. Houston is home to the largest medical center in the world and plays host to speakers of more than 145 different languages. Chances are high that if you live in Houston, you either work in the medical field or aspire to, and medical professionals here have to handle many different types of cases with the same level of knowledgeability and professionalism.

Online and part time programs exist in abundance for nursing professionals. In fact, online nursing programs in Houston, Texas are highly sought after credentials for hiring managers around the country. Countless other programs exist, but earning your bachelor’s or master’s degree from a university based in your community will give you an enhanced sense of pride in your education and provide experience with conditions you see personally in your local hospital.

Nursing is a wholeheartedly rewarding career, and one that can reward your bank account as well if you take the time to take care of yourself along with your patients. Invest in your future and explore your options for growth. They are far more attainable than you might think and will pay generous dividends both financially and in personal satisfaction.