5 Must Visit Places in Tanzania

Tanzania may not be well known for its economic prosperity and investment opportunities, but the domestic stability found in this African state complimented by the presence of wonders of nature makes it a perfect place for tourism. The following is a list of places in this country that must be visited as a tourist in order to fully enjoy the Tanzania Safari Tours.

Serengeti National Park

“Let’s go on Safari” is a very common and fascinating experience in Tanzania. Apart from having two honored UNESCO world heritage sites in the region, it is an important are for the nation in terms of the vast number of ecosystems it supports. From a tourism point of view, this park defines the perfect experience for hunting, wildlife photographing, and for its scientific values credited to the vast number of species residing within. Tanzania Safari in Serengeti National Park is mostly the first recommendation by tour operators because of its unique experience.

The Ngorongoro Crater

Located in the Ngorongoro conservation authority is another world heritage site: The Ngorongoro Crater. It is the largest inactive volcanic caldera (depression) and is home to a variety of animals. It is famous for day trips and can be visited in either the rainy season or the dry season. For looking at animals of all varieties clustered around water sources, the dry season is the best, but for safari and drives the rainy season is the best because of the lush covering of grass.

Tarangire National Park

The wonderful safari atmosphere and elephant migration makes this quieter route a perfect tourist spot. Tour operators offer Fly camping and walk safaris, and the best time to visit is between the months of July and October as the season supports a lot of ground of game but for people wishing to avoid heavy crowds, going off season is a better option.

Lake Manyara

The shores of Lake Manyara are famous for the high concentration of the beautiful pink flamingo, among 400 other species of birds. There are ground water forests and hot springs all around the park, and is a great spot for day and night game drives. The uniqueness lies in the fact that this place focuses more on the bird life of Tanzania rather than the land animals. The area offers cultural tours of the country and the uneven surface is perfect for sports like mountain biking.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing this volcano with a massive height of 5895 meters is both a thrilling experience and a success. The surroundings of Mount Kilimanjaro is home for many people (who often use the forest reserves here illegally), but it is a wonderful natural concentration of multiple systems of life. Operators prefer the drier months of visiting such (From January to March) simply because of safety concerns because the average rainfall in the region is said to be high, but it has been a tourist hotspot since it was declared a game zone.