5 Mistakes To Avoid In Logo Design

Digital platforms have made it possible for businesses to connect with a global audience, but this heightened visibility also means you need to stand out amidst all the clutter on the web. One way to stand out is by creating a unique and memorable logo. While logo design sounds exciting, it’s no surprise that it can be challenging as well. To help steer you to the right direction, here are the most common mistakes you should avoid when designing your logo.

Following Trends

You might feel tempted to keep up with the latest trends in logo design. For example, this year has seen businesses incorporate broken letters, photographic textures, and geometry into their logos. Don’t forget, however, that trends come and go. What you want for your company logo is to make it timeless. Just think about the logos of the biggest brands in the world. They stand the test of time simply because they were designed without trends in mind.

Using Stock Images

This sounds utterly silly, but so many business owners do it. In an attempt to save money, some entrepreneurs try to create a logo by themselves. There’s nothing wrong about this, especially if you do not have enough resources to hire a graphics designer. You can use an online logo creator that comes with pre-designed logo templates and allows you to create one from scratch. How can you expect your logo to be unique if you only took an image on Google and slapped on your company name? Aside from looking unprofessional, you might also find yourself on the wrong end of a copyright lawsuit.

Overdoing The Design

Yes, there’s such a thing as taking your logo to the extreme. Some add too many details to their logo, thinking that it helps in making it stand out among all others. Sure, you can expect your logo to stand out, but not for the right reasons. A complex design also comes with the disadvantage of losing details when printed in small sizes. You’d do yourself a favor by keeping things simple. Your brand identity can be represented by a simple logo that instantly identifies with your target audience.

Relying Too Much On Color

It’s fun working with different colors, but don’t make the mistake of jumping straight to this step without considering other more important details. Yes, the colors you use on your logo will have a huge influence on how effective it is at conveying the message of your brand. Experts, however, suggest starting with black and white. Through this, you can focus on the core elements of your logo without the distractions color might provide.

Choosing The Wrong Font

Even with the perfect logomark, your logo may prove ineffective if you use the wrong logotype. You absolutely need a logotype for your company. In fact, you can do just fine without a logomark. This highlights the need to choose the right font, one that reflects the marketing message of your brand. Formal messages do well with serif typefaces while script gives your brand an artistic vibe. It’s important to match the font with the style of the logo, but not in a way that they compete against each other.

The logo design process requires a significant time investment, but you can save a lot of time if you avoid the mistakes mentioned above. Remember that your logo will be associated with your brand throughout its life, so it helps if you get it right the first time.