All you need to know about Iontophoresis Treatment

Everyone sweats, although some people sweat more than others. Hyperhidrosis disorder is the condition where people who normally experience excessive or constant sweating for no apparent reason. This is a disease that has a profound impact on the lives of patients. The impact on quality of life compares to that of other chronic dermatologic as well as systemic diseases. Patients with extreme sweating need to be identified and offered treatment to lessen the psychosocial, physical, and occupational impact of their condition. Iontophoresis has been used to actually treat excessive sweating on the hands along with the feet since the 1940s. This is one type of treatment that can be used to relieve the symptoms of this condition. It’s clear from the clinical point of view that Iontophoresis is often recommended for people who’ve tried prescription but need a stronger treatment.

Instead of using a needle to deliver medicin as is the case with an injection, iontophoresis treatment is a very superior method since it offers a more concentrated collection of nutrients delivered deeper into the body. The substance is introduced into the body for therapeutic purposes using a direct current. In reality, iontophoresis devices approved by the FDA are used to pass a mild electrical current through water and the skin’s surface. Instructions for using iontophoresis devices vary but, in general, patients sit with either hands or both feet immersed in trays filled with tap water for a short period while the instrument sends a small electrical current through the water. The process is usually repeated three times per week until the desired results are achieved. To maintain sweat-relief, patients are switched to a maintenance schedule that needs to be regularly conducted preferably once per week before sweating begins to return.

Iontophoresis offers many supplemental benefits when used as a delivery tool. The depth to which iontophoresis procedures allows nutrients to penetrate during treatment, provides faster and more efficient results thus improving the healing process. Iontophoresis provides a valuable delivery system and has found success in a variety of cosmetic procedures. For decades medical professionals have been successfully utilized Iontophoresis treatment because of its advantages and some of the benefits include the following:

• Procedures are completed in minutes

• Minimizes the potential for tissue trauma from an injection

• Virtually painless when properly applied

• Provides an alternative to injections

• Medications delivered directly to the treatment site

• Reduced risk of infections due to non-invasive nature of treatment

If you think you might benefit from iontophoresis treatment, you should talk to your doctor. However, you may be capable of performing the treatment at home if you purchase the machine. The treatment process is relatively straightforward, and iontophoresis has a long history of safe and efficient use for the treatment of palmar as well as plantar hyperhidrosis. After that point, rest, physical therapy, and proper nutrition will continue the healing process. Some people may experience some side effects as a result of iontophoresis treatment, but the effects usually aren’t serious. Therefore, this can be a convenient as well as cost effective treatment option for many patients and should not be overlooked.