Super Easy Steps to download Twitter videos and GIFs for Free

Our Twitter download tool, namely SaveTweetVid, is a very useful resource for directly downloading videos as well as GIFs from Twitter to your computer. Usually, the videos and GIFs that we see on Twitter are integrated within the tweets published by Twitter users. For this reason, you must have the tweet URL in order to download this GIF or video. If you have a tweet URL, you can simply paste it on SaveTweetVid. This video video downloader tool will carefully examine your URL. If you have given here a valid URL,the GIF or video embedded in this tweet will be automatically extracted. Once the extractions process is complete, you can click on the download link and save the resulted file in a drive on your computer.

How to download Twitter videos and GIFS online?

You will find many online tools to download Twitter videos and GIFs directly to the computer. All these videos and GIFs are incorporated into the tweets. For the downloading, you will need the link or URL of that particular tweet.

Moreover, you will need a reliable tool for the downloading. In the current condition, Twitter Video Downloader is considered very effective for downloading Twitter Videos and GIFs. All you need to do is to paste that link in the site of the downloader. Once you paste the link, the video downloader will interpret the URL of the video and then will extract the entranced video URL. After getting the video of that URL, you can save them directly from their personal CDN to your computer.

Step-by-step process

As mentioned earlier, first you will need a tool to download the videos. With video downloader, it will be much easier for you to download any videos and GIFs. Moreover, you do not need to be worried about how to save those videos. You can save them immediately after the download is done.

Step 1

• Open the twitter and visit the tweet that contains videos.

• Get the link of the tweet that has the video. (Click on the click and copy the link).

Step 2

• Visit the downloader website and paste the link.

• Click the download button.

The download is complete. It is very easy and straightforward. Anyone can follow these simple steps to download videos and GIFs online within a couple of minutes.

How to download videos and GIFs with the help of a third party tool

This is easy like the previous one. Whenever you find an interesting video and GIF, you should install a third party video downloader to save the videos on your devices.

Step-by-step process

Step 1

• Copy the link of the tweet that contains the video or gifs.

• You need to copy the link from the address line.

Step 2

• Open the third-party tool and then paste the URL in the given space. Once it finishes analyzing, you need to choose the right video format, saving space, and resolution.

• Once you have done all these, you can press the download to start downloading. It might take a few minutes to finish the process.

In addition to the above tools, you will find many other tools to support the downloading of twitter videos and GIFs. While considering any of the tools, you will have to focus on where you want to download and then you can choose the tool accordingly. The downloading process will be more or less similar for all the tools.