Zangi Helps Startups Grow Their Business

The white label messenger solution offered by Zangi is changing the way small businesses and startups do their marketing and the way they connect with their customers. Everyone who does not have enough time, money or coding skills is able to purchase a ready-to-use messaging app and add the featured they need for their business.

The company is providing a white label messenger platform on top of which you can add any features you need and create your own messenger. There are three packages offered by Zangi: Basic, Pro and Enterprise.

White Label Basic

Companies that choose this package get the ready-to-use product in around two weeks. These are some of the features they get with the Basic option:

  • business-ready applications on iOS, Android and Desktop
  • scalable backend with the Control Panel
  • configurable services like VoIP, DID, Payment System
  • flexible architecture

White Label Pro

This option takes a longer time – around three weeks to have it ready. If the customer chooses this package they get all of the Basic features, plus:

  • customizable services
  • separate code branch maintenance per customer, per app, per backend instance
  • Zangi core-based solutions reselling is subject to the partnership agreement


For those startups or companies that want more features and control over the white label messaging app, there is the Enterprise option. This package includes all of the Pro features, plus:

  • source code access to run own development
  • development can still be ordered to Zangi team
  • source code access License is sold only to the end Customer. No direct reselling

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Going for any of these options is a serious step for all small and big companies. Having a branded messaging app can help them build a community of customers, establish a better and direct connection between the company and their clients, save money on the marketing and, overall, have better control over their messaging app.

Company Profile

Zangi provides a messenger platform on top of which you can build your messaging application. High-quality features are provided to build independent messaging apps in a short period of time.

Alongside with Zangi White Label solution, the company has its own messenger available on iOS and Android. Zangi Safe Messenger allows to make audio and video calls with 2G connection or slow Wi-Fi, send encrypted text messages, original stickers and almost any type of files.

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