Style and awareness, the importance of sustainable fashion

Can you be elegant while taking care of the environment? Yes, and it is absolutely necessary.

The ozone layer, global warming, polar ice caps melting, pollution rates in large cities increasing… Human beings are collecting all the ballots to pollute the planet and set an end to the ecosystem that surrounds them. Unconsciously, irresponsibly and even indifferently; we’ve been damaging our planet for years, decades and even centuries, and that’s going to pay back at some point.

Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to join the philosophy of sustainability such as: reducing water consumption, recycling, reducing smoke emissions … In short, changing our bad daily habits in order to take care of the environment.

This much-needed trend is not only present in our daily activities, but it is also taking part in the way we dress and wear accessories. The modern look no longer focuses on splurging style; but also takes care of the environment to the utmost.

As Earth Pledge said a few years ago, about 8,000 chemical products are used to convert raw material into textiles, and 25% of the pesticides used on the planet are invested in producing non-organic cotton. These actions have clearly harmful consequences to the environment, and even to all of us, who depend on it.

That is why sustainable design has proposed developing sustainable fashion. However, this is not meant to be a short-term trend, its main objective is to last and influence every corner of the textile world, in order to reduce pollution and environmental impact. It is no longer a matter of style, but of necessity.

As mentioned above, this awareness is not only taking part in the way in which clothes are made, but also in all the accessories we wear in our daily routine. Jewelry for men and women are the best example. All these elements we use in order to achieve a perfect, stylish and sophisticated image have an important role in sustainability. Using eco-friendly procedures and materials, we can shine while saving the environment.

If we take a look at Trendhim’s products, specialists in accessories and jewelry for men, we can see a wide range of products that fall within the framework of sustainable fashion. Men’s leather bracelets, for example, can provide a stylish image, without using harmful manufacturing processes.

Another crucial element to keep up with the latest environmental fashion trends, could be men’s earrings. They can speak for themselves and tell the world what kind of person you are, what your tastes are or what your favorite color is. Surprising that such a small piece can transmit so much, but as they say, small details are the most important.

Gathering style combining all these accessories with clothes is not available to anyone, basically because of the lack of knowledge. Luckily, there are specialized pages which can be very useful and will help everyone to bring together both aspects: style and conscience.

It is not impossible, but elusive for those who know little about the fashion world. Knowing how to dress, how to combine different styles and how to take care of your image requires time, patience and desire; but knowing how to take care of the environment through small decisions is far from complicated. It’s just a matter of being informed as much as possible and committed to preserve the environment doing small actions.

This awareness is tremendously necessary. You may be a fashion lover, but if you don’t care about the environment and you don’t contribute to improve the planet where you live, you are not demonstrating you hobby as you should.

We need to do everything in our power to conserve our environment, preserve the flora and fauna of the planet and live in peace and without the fear of a worsening climate. We can avoid all those problems if we are mentalized, and this is something we can be achieved starting from very small steps.


Sara Lopez Alaguero

University student living and studying Computer Science in Denmark. She works with one of her main passions, fashion as a country marketing manager for Trendhim – Danish company of men accessories. Thanks to this job she has the opportunity to maintain her two main passions: travel and fashion. In her free time she works as a copywriter for those who require her collaboration, as well as writing a personal diary: You can connect with Sara through FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.