4 Best Tools to Easily Analyze Website Traffic

As a business, your online presence plays a huge part in your overall success. In particular, your website can be a driving force behind your businesses, which means that you need to keep a close eye on it and how your target audience is using it. Measuring and analyzing your website traffic makes it far easier to check on consumer habits and make changes that will benefit you as a business and then as your customers.

The process of analyzing website traffic is far easier than you may think. There are various tools available on the market that are designed to help with this sort of analysis. These tools are able to do everything from checking which web pages are attracting the most visits through to see looking at what appears to be generating the most sales.

Some of the top tools to try

If you want to make the most of your website and find simple ways of making improvements based on cold, hard data, there are various tools that can help you such as website traffic checkers. Some of these are totally free of charge, so it won’t cost you anything to enjoy the benefits of effective web traffic analysis. Some of the top free and paid tools to consider include:

· Google Analytics: This is a valuable free tool for the analysis of website traffic. Despite it being free, this tool is a very powerful one and has proven popular with many people. It offers a range of features and enables you to perform comprehensive analysis of your site. This app will do everything from enable you to check transaction date from your site through to what sorts of activities users get involved with on your site. You can even get information on where users are from along with other data.

· ChartBeat: This is a great tool if you want to know what your website visitors are doing on your site at any given time. The real time data that this tool provides can prove invaluable for many users. It shows that content and pages your visitors are taking an interest in and which tabs they are clicking on. If you need to update your site on a regular basis, for instance with news stories, this could prove to be a very informative tool. This is a fee based tool but monthly costs are very competitive.

· Compete: With this tool, you can benefit from both free and paid options. With this tool you can find out what sort of traffic is being generated by the websites of your rivals in the industry, which is something that can prove very useful. This weapon only provides details of competitors in the United States but the information that it does provide is very in-depth.

· Optimizely: While this tool comes at a pretty high monthly fee, it can provide you with a wide range of benefits that make it worthwhile. You can receive data from this tool, which you can then use to improve your website and hopefully increase your sales and traffic. If you do make changes, the tool will automatically check whether the changes are more effective than before, which makes it easier to make informed decision.

This is just some of the great analytic tools that you can benefit from these days, making it easier to gauge your website traffic and effectiveness.