Stuck On What To Bring To A Summer Potluck?

Do you remember the time you brought nothing but chips and dip to a summer potluck, only to be shown up by all the other guests who prepared fresh and interesting recipes? Of course, you’re a busy person and can’t always commit to putting in that type of effort, it would be nice however not be embarrassed like that again. When the next get together comes around, why don’t you let them know you’ll have dessert covered? What’s more is with these treats, you won’t even be required to prep.

These plush mochi balls are all you need to keep the party going; a relatively new dessert on the market, they’re a perfect, portable, fun and sweet snack for any occasion. In the making of mochi, thick and rich ice cream forms the center while soft and chewy rice dough encases it. The rice dough is then traditionally dipped in flour so as to prevent stickiness on the hands while eating. Enjoy them by the side of the pool, in the middle of a board game, even while cracking jokes and engaging in conversations.

Thanks to retailers like My/Mo Mochi, you have the convenience of popping them out of the box, unthawing, and serving. Each ball also perfectly holds a single scoop, making distributing them among friends simple. This brand can be found in a variety of grocery stores like Safeway, Whole Foods, Kroger, and Shoprite to name a few; they’re also a kosher brand which is able to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. Visit to see a full list of available flavors including ripe strawberry, sweet mango, cookies and cream, double chocolate, vanilla bean, mint chocolate chip, and green tea – mix and match to make for a complimentary pairing that’s perfect for the season.

When choosing a mochi brand, ensure you go with one that puts quality first. So many ice cream companies out there use fillers and high-fructose corn syrup rather than whole ingredients. If possible, research where the milk they’re using comes from; whether it’s sourced locally. Also read up on the processes the company implements, ensuring real fruit is used and pasteurized properly as well. The last thing you want to happen is to purchase several boxes of a dessert only to find it would spoil party-goers’ taste buds or hurt their stomachs!

If you’ve got a potluck penciled into your schedule, try bringing something different, something with a little more inventiveness than a veggie plate (and little more sweetness too). The guests at the event will be impressed by your ingenuity and this interesting and handy way of enjoying a cold dessert – without the need for spoons or bowls. They’ll also be pleased by how rich the ice cream is as this brand uses the minimal amount of air necessary for its creation. Nothing compares to biting into that soft dough and reaching that cool interior, share the experience with your friends and they’ll be asking you to bring mochi every time you all meet up.