Top 5 Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement

Engaged employees deliberately contribute more effort and time so as to make your business successful. They feel a sense of responsibility within their job and bring interest, enthusiasm and energy to their task.

When asked from motivational guru, Sam Zherka – “Why Must Every Business Focus on Motivating Employees?” He said, “The answer is easy. “Winning!” Every business must constantly motivate their employees to win. They must remind their employees that they have unlimited potential, and that anything short of realizing their fullest potential is a betrayal to themselves and the business. People always out perform when there is competition. The competitive spirit along with the motivation to WIN, will always spearhead a business to success.Motivation is the fuel which drives winning and out performance. A motivated and enthusiastic team will always outperform a non-motivated team.”

Let’s look at some of the tips to keep your employee engaged, motivated, happy and productive.

1. Create Effective Group Learning Plans

Traditional workplace training sessions are useful to engage each and every staff with new techniques and ideas.

Challenge employees to step out of their comfort zone and get the entire team involved by:

  • Participating on a project team or committee.
  • Chairing or running a meeting.
  • Participating in a focus group.
  • Attending mostly conferences and seminars.

2. Stimulate Open Communication

Cheer your employees to express their ideas and perspectives without criticism. Effective communication can have a powerful impact to raise employee engagement, workplace productivity, as well as business growth.

Here are some ways to encourage open communication.

  • Ask scenario questions by using the pop-up Staff Quiz to reinforce local context and understanding.
  • Recruit success and motivation consultant to encourage and provide the much-needed advice and resources that your employees need to thrive.
  • Use SnapMag to share your ideas with your staff as well as to get staff involved.
  • Organize meeting at a safe place where employees can voice their opinions fearlessly.

3. Emphasize Work-Life Balance

One of the huge complaints workers have is being worked too hard. Noticeably, if your employees are working over the weekend or staying late constantly then take suitable steps to get them back on the track. Take one of the following steps.

  • Simply have a brief interaction to figure out what’s keeping them so late and find some other ways to balance some of their workload.
  • See some techniques to cut out less important tasks and let them know the further plans for finding them relief.
  • Invite your employees on breaks and know them properly by asking their interests outside of the office.

4. Share Good Practice and Ideas Between Teams

Make sure that your workers have the chance to share and show their very best work. Praise the ideas and work practices of your employees so as to motivate them.

Enrich engagement and make stronger links between your employees via peer-to-peer learning with the support of meetings or talent development platform.

5. Focus on Employee Strengths

Focus on recognizing what your workers do well. Let us have a look at some the ways by which you can focus on employee strengths.

  • Connect achievements to strengths by making note of the things people perfect at and connect them to their strengths positively. Whether they are good at creating Excel files, thinking big-picture and organizing ensure to emphasis on these skills during reviews.
  • Let employees know what they need to improve instead of making them feel devalued. Provide feedback by also giving importance to their strengths.
  • Give cards to your employees for their strengths in a fun way and distribute them out at team meetings to make everyone aware of their positive contribution.

Make active efforts with the above mentioned strategies and appreciate your employees so as to improve engagement.