6 Things You Must Do to Plan the Perfect Private Dining Experience

If you have to plan a private party, it is recommended that you have some tips and tricks at your disposal to help you best manage not just your valuable time but any stress that arises.

When you know about things such as the number of people attending, the type of food and the kind of ambiance you require early in the planning stages it can make everything run a lot smoother and ensures that your private event will be a memorable one.

Choose the Venue

Once you have the venue in place, you can meet with the individual that will be coordinating the event to discuss the finer details and logistics.

If you get the venue right, you’re halfway to impressing the guests of your event.

With such attention to customisation and details, your occasion, regardless if its a brunch, holiday, corporate event or rehearsal dinner will be a winner.

Below we have put together some tips to help you host a private dining event that will be memorable.

Choose the Space Based on The Number of Guests

Your guests won’t like feeling as if they are packed tightly in a sardine tin, so always keep your guests in mind when you are picking the venue for your event.

In order to ensure that all your guests are happy, book a private dining room that gives you enough wiggle room.

But at the same time, you don’t want a venue that is too spacious where chaos reigns supreme. It could get awkward with people unwilling to interact.

Remember, you’re hosting a private dining party which is supposed to be a social experience, not a huge field where you’re eating out of a food truck and people can easily shy away.

Inform the Chef of any Dietary Restrictions in Advance

It is best to inform the chef at the space you are hosting your event, if you need gluten-free or vegetarian choices. This gives the venue kitchen and the chef enough time to plan an appropriate and tasty meal that will stay within the budget.

Do you really want to be the one that has to tell your boss’s wife that there are no vegan options? Good luck with that one…

Choose Either Plated Meals or Buffets based on the type of Event

A great advantage of family-style plating and buffets is that everything can try everything and you all have the opportunity to mingle.

A holiday dinner, such as Thanksgiving for instance, is ideal for this kind of food service as everyone is very much in that ‘sharing’ mood, or a networking-focused corporate event.

However, if it’s a wedding reception, a more formal, plated dinner service where everyone is assigned their own seat, is a more appropriate option. When this is the option you are going to choose, make sure there is a nice variety available on the set menu.

Pick an Environment that is Interactive

The atmosphere and ambiance can really have an influence, for better or worse, on an event So, it is vital that you find a location that has an interactive, energetic feel to create an environment for your event that is more stimulating.

Look at the finer details too, such as the furniture, accessories, murals, insightful words and any art that might adorn the walls. Having vintage and antique elements for instance with plush comfortable couches can make the event feel more intimate.

End Everything on a Sweet Note

No private dining experience is really complete without a sweet end to it all.

You should always make sure there are some indulgences to complete the meal, regardless of the type of dining format you have opted for.

Expert tip: Make sure you dine at the restaurant you have chosen for your event to make sure you try the food and service beforehand.

These six tips should see you cruise through your private dining experience relatively unscathed. And, who knows? You might even enjoy yourself since the stress is in the preparation.

Failing to prepare in this case, is preparing to fail at building a positive relationship and first impression of you and your business. If you’ve followed these steps, your clients, family or friends will have a happy lasting memory of you and the way you conduct yourself.