Why is luxury accommodation becoming so popular with tourists?

When a guest checks-in in a luxury hotel, they have the feeling that the room is welcoming, the staff is flawless, the property looks amazing and the accommodation is able to meet their highest expectations. When it comes to luxury hotels, the managers know that the little things are the ones that matter, especially when they have to plan events. Understanding what details make a stay excellent comes from the experience the managers have in the industry.

Everything comes down to the advantages you offer to your clients.

Some managers are creative, while others are intuitive, it all reduces to the choices they make when it comes to the amenities they offer to their guests. Amenities can make or break a stay in a hotel, especially a luxury one. But as their name says, they are luxury hotels for a reason, the managers knew what choices to make in order to impress the guests and to convince them to become loyal clients.

Why do luxury hotels win tourists’ hearts daily?

They get luxury minibars

Luxury hotels use a different name for the minibars they offer their guests in every room; they call them provisions cabinets, because they are quite different from the minibars average hotels offer. These ones are stocked only with high quality products, the majority of them home made. The provisions cabinet is more than a minibar, it offers guests beauty products, fashion products, and all the things they need to make their stay comfortable. In the provisions cabinet the guests will find candles with the signature scent of the hotel, because every luxury hotel has a unique signature scent. Other hotels offer their female guests handcrafted jewellery boxes, where they can store their accessories during their stay.

When it comes to snacks, food and other similar things guests do not worry, because they know that luxury hotels collaborate only with famous brands and they will eat and drink only the best foods and beverages.

Enviable views

Luxury hotels use the views the guests have from their rooms to promote their services. All luxury hotels promise their clients that they will be thrilled by the views they will have from their room’s windows. A stunning view is a crucial feature a luxury hotel must have, because it will catch their guests’ eyes from the moment they will step in the hotel. Some properties are lucky to be placed in an area where Mother Nature did its work as exterior design, and the hotel managers only have to care for the hotel’s surroundings. The majority of luxury hotels have unobstructed views to forests, mountains and seas or oceans. These are the views that impress the most the guests. In case we are talking about an urban luxury hotel, then the guests want to have views on the nearby attractions. Some hotels have a courtyard or pool the guests can access from their room, or a cityscape.

Floating meals

When it comes to the hotels that have access to waters, or to the hotels that have huge outdoor pools, they can offer their guests some extra services. People simply love to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a fresh meal while standing in the pool. All they have to do is to dress their bathing suit and to choose what they want to receive on the floating tray they will receive right in the pool. There is no better way to enjoy the stay in a hotel than this, especially if the meal is accompanied by a bottle of champagne or fine wine.

Spa baths

People want to relax when they travel, and if the hotel has a spa-quality bath it definitely has a plus when the clients compare it with other hotels from the area. People want to enter a bathroom inspired from a Pinterest photo, inviting and filled with all the products and amenities they need to spend some enjoyable moments. Luxury hotels offer well-designed spa-quality baths to their clients because they make their brand recognisable on the market. Huge tubs, showers with streams and private toilet chambers are only some of the features these baths have. The overall aesthetics of the rooms are enhanced by the design of the bathroom. Every bathroom will offer the guest salon inspired beauty products, the majority of them being purchased from worldwide famous brands.

Pet services

When it comes to luxury hotels, they promote customer-friendly rules. If an average hotel would refuse their guests’ request of accommodating their pets, luxury hotels not only that exceed in offering pet-friendly services, but some of them even focus on the psychic of the pet. When pets accompany their human friends on their trips they sometimes get stressed because of the long-distance trips. Luxury hotels hire professionals to help pets relax and enjoy they stay at the hotel, the same way the human guests do. The owners can join their pets for psychic sessions, if they want to improve the relationship they have with their fur friends, or if they consider that their pets have behavioural problems that have to be fixed.

Artisanal products

People nowadays are focused on having a healthy life, and they want to include in their meals more and more eco products. When they are looking for accommodation in hotels, they have special requirements, because they want to make sure that the hotel is eco-friendly and customer focused. Some hotels have their own apiaries to offer their guests artisanal honey, because they know that they will impress them with the taste natural honey has. They did research on food recipes they can use to include the honey they produce, because they want to offer their clients only the best services. Other hotels produce their own ranges of soap and beauty products, because they care for their guests’ health. The guests have the possibility to take home samples of the scents they like the most.

When asking why luxury hotels are so popular among tourists, the above lines reflect only some of the reasons guests love these accommodation facilities. They make their guests have a high-end oasis feeling during the time they spend there. People want to feel pampered, and this is exactly what luxury hotels offer.