Have you lost your cryptocurrency savings?

While the majority of investors have been crushed by the 2018 bear market, a small pocket of traders have turned other people’s misfortune into the opportunity of a lifetime.

Bitcoin boasted an annual return that beat Facebook and Google by 800% in recent years through 2017, yet these are just headlines. On the higher end of the scale, fast lane traders at Boss Crypto made 2340% in 2017 and more than doubled those gains during the 2018 bear market. While most people lost the almost their entire cryptocurrency investment, a select few had the training, principles and strategies in place to capitalise.

During 2018, record numbers of people have piled in to create the largest ever investor base in the crypto phenomenon. For many who did not understand how to trade the market during corrections, it may have ended in tears. New investors learned old lessons: that even the best of trends can correct over time hence there is no substitute for prudence and education.

Why education in crypto trading is important:

The explosion of crypto trading is so new that conventional finance education hasn’t even taken the first steps to catch up. Since it has proven to be an incredibly volatile market with many speculative participants, it only makes sense to seek out a proven education system to understand exactly what the top traders do, and how they do it.

Institutional investors increased the market size substantially:

According to Boss Cole: “In October 2018, hedge funds have surpassed high-net-worth individuals to become the largest buyers of digital coins. Clearly crypto has become a major target among institutions. Recent volatility made it even more attractive to those who act speculatively. Individual traders and investors who educate themselves on this, can be in charge of their own destiny, effectively bypassing costly intermediaries.” @CryptoBossCole

The story of Boss Crypto:

After seeing consistently remarkable results from his own Crypto trading strategy, Boss Cole founded Boss Crypto at the beginning of 2017. Its exclusive mission is “to take traders from either complete beginners or losing traders to confident and successful investors that make money in the markets consistently and reliably”. Today they are a community of 500 master crypto traders benefiting from a world class trader support system, covering everything from entry-level education through advanced signals and portfolio structure for experienced traders.

You can think about it as a community of real people, a family. The only place where you can access a full chat room with visibility of our traders’ trades, portfolios and analysis with world-class education resources and the complete Boss Crypto Trading Course.

Exclusive invitation from Boss Cole to a free trading webinar:

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Here are three key things you will learn:

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