Snap Map: Social Fun or a Privacy Nightmare

The newly introduced Snap Map feature from Snapchat, that never ceases to create a big difference, a war, between the advocates of a progress in social life and those who cry out against the violation of individual privacy. And based on this, it seems Snap Map has already started dividing its user base between these two ideologies.

A few days ago, we talked about the new Snap Map feature, a map to geolocate all your friends or to facilitate meetings when you are two blocks away. It is a feature that is very much inspired by the Zenly application, which Snapchat bought only two months ago.

Snap Map: already perceived as a violation of privacy by some users

Before starting, it should be known that Snapchat is not the only application to allow the sharing of one’s position, but it is the only one that offers it continuously.

At first, the idea of

being able to find friends easily was attractive, but quickly a growing number of users are worried about being able to be monitored continuously. Some already fear aggression, harassment, misunderstandings, jealousy etc.

Moreover, it is important to note that about 71% of SnapChat users are between age 17 and 34. And that a SnapChat functionality that allows someone to follow you 24 hours a day, especially in this age range, is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially some parents are voicing concerns.

There is helpful information and advice in the form of articles, informing parents on how to turn the new Snap Map feature off, especially on their minors’ smartphones, to ensure that nobody tails their children.

You can disable it if you want

The problem is that Snap Map starts broadcasting your present location by default. A lot of people may not be aware that any of their “friends” can see exactly where they are at any given time. They will definitely freak out when Suzy calls and asks why they are visiting Loraine without telling her.

You can activate the “Ghost Mode” to avoid your location being visible to everyone, but this is not self-explanatory when starting the app.

The creators of Zenly had proposed an application allowing parents to keep an eye on their children, in order to keep an eye on your kid, for better security.

Though you can keep an eye on your child easily with Snap Map, so can a lot of other people, that you may not know, too. There are two sides to the Snap Map coin, and you will decide which one suits you best.

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