Facebook’s WiFi Finder Launched

Short of mobile data? Facebook’s new feature allows you to find a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot. Social media giant wants to help establishments to be discovered through their Wi-Fi networks and Internet users to find access points nearby.

find wifi search

For some time, the number one social network, is testing a feature called Find Wi-Fi in the Facebook application that can find Wi-Fi networks nearby. Today, we learn that this functionality is now deployed all over the world, on the iOS and Android versions.

‘Find Wi-Fi’ would not only be useful for people who travel, but also for people who are in areas where mobile networks are not very good. That’s exactly the point Facebook is selling. After using the platform to connect with friends, families, and businesses, making payments, and marketing your brand, you don’t have to leave the social media to be able to find a nearby Wi-Fi network when you are on the move.

find wifi feature

The ultimate idea is to give you a social media, a payment platform (Send Money feature in Messenger), and a Wi-Fi finder. In any case, the next time you need to use a hotspot, you can look for one directly on the Facebook application.

As the number one social network indicates, this feature explores the closest access points on a map, and finds information about the companies that host them.

find wifi interface

It’s obviously not Facebook that’s bringing this technology to the scenes. Some applications already offer similar functionality. But now, the Facebook user no longer needs to leave the social network application, nor to download another software, to find an access point.

Facebook is now changing into a complete engagement, solutions, help, and search platform. Find Wi-Fi is one of the many features that Facebook offers on its application, in addition to social networking. There’s also the weather feature, which means that to know the weather, a user no longer needs to see forecasts on other services.

Well, for us users, all we want is easy access and if Facebook can offer it, why not grab the opportunity.

Article courtesy Technodite.com