Securetribe -Secure and Innovative Social Network To Share Your Content

The modern Era , everyone is looking for a convenient and secure way to share their content. There are many social networks available to achieve the task, so you can pick the right one carefully. SecureTribe is a highly advanced and effective social network designed by using latest technique along with an end-to-end encryption. It allows users share the desired pieces of content securely with the selected number of friends. Apart from that, this modern platform also lets you create two unique content sharing options, private tribes and public tribes. In fact, private tribes protect your content by using end-to-end encryption. When it comes to public tribes, it is enjoyed and accessed by anyone. These are key features of this application that makes it an ideal choice for artists, bands, friends, families, fraternities, teams, co-workers, families and remaining groups.

Why choose Securetribe?

It is a secure social network which is simple to use, extremely secure and highly innovative. By using this advanced and most outstanding social network, you can create two different types of groups for sharing your content without any security issues. The private tribes secure content like HD videos and photos with strong encryption. These kinds of contents are only accessed by the authorized individuals who have an exclusive decryption facility on their device. The best thing about private tribes is that it does not include content leaking risk and any other hassles. What’s more, they are not listed online or in the application, so the existence of private tribes is truly private. The public tribes are another kind of group which bring you an excellent chance to share your content with any body. This is only applicable to the global community of SecureTribe.

Striking features

For instance, nature lovers or outdoor enthusiasts can share videos and pictures of their much-beloved scenes or locations, artists can display their awesome work to global viewers and hardcore gamers can share their game-play videos with fans. When you use this social network, you can create both the private as well as public tribes without any difficulties. These are the two useful tribes that aid you in separating your professional and personal lives. The most effective and secure social network not only provides you with some surprising features but also lets you do more, including:

Ø Welcome your friends or dear ones to view your tribes by sending an extremely secure graphic that is scanned and printed properly.

Ø Produce limited-time subscription options to your content

Ø Access the timeline of “What’s New” when you log in for viewing every new post in the chronological order

Ø Control the number of individuals who can subscribe successfully during the promotional time

Ø Rate and like content

Ø Linked with the tribe members via the built-in chat

Utilize secure social network

Now, you can find lots of safe content apps but most of them are complicated and cumbersome for people who are not information security expert. Due to this, people look for a simple and fast solution. SecureTribe is an extremely fast, easy and simple social network which is created by using an attractive interface. It is useful for sharing both the moments and memories of your life with family, co-workers, associates friends and others in the tribe. Stand-up comedians, musicians, artists and other talented people can easily engage with the fans in specially designed VIP tribes which they control safely and easily. Therefore, using a secure social network is a smart and fast way to share your content without facing any security hassles.

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